Committed to providing the most advanced solutions in industrial filtration, Donaldson introduced their most recent innovations and products at Expo Pack 2019.

According to Pedro Navarrete, responsible for the Ultrafilter division for Latin America in Donaldson, the objective of the company is offering a wide range of filtration solutions that increase their customers’ productivity.

Through Ultrafilter division they serve several markets, such as food and beverages, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive.

“We have filtration solutions for everything that has to do with processes from the food and beverage sector, air processes, steam, and liquids,” he explained.

Some of their main customers are Danone, Envases Universales and Colgate.  The specialist referred that – for example – within the milk industry it is necessary to remove some milk enzymes, it can be done through the filtration solutions of Donaldson.

“There is also done cold pasteurization with filtration or in the brewing industry we can remove some particles to provide brightness and the -color- beer must have.  Those are some of the applications of filtration in liquids,” he noted.

Regarding air filtration, Navarrete explained that with Donaldson products dependent air could be managed depending which is the need of the users: “If they only need industrial air to move some piston or tools, then a filtration train is placed, but it needs air to fill the products bags of the snacks industrial, air blown air, as it has to be completely sterile,” he said.


The responsible of the division of Ultrafilter announced that one of the advantages that Donaldson is that between 4 and 5 % of their gross sales globally are intended to research and development.

“We are continuously innovating and developing our products.  We are working in connectivity; for example, we launched an ultrasmart dryer, which has Bluetooth connectivity and through the pone it can be monitored and managed,” he revealed.

Likewise, they said that they are working in dust collectors with connectivity and be able to see how they are working and monitor when filters are saturated and have to be changed, among others.

“We sale filtration, we sale filtration solutions.  We are interested that customers have what they need for their products and business,” he ended.