Domino Printing Mexico has different coding alternatives for the Industry, with unique markers in products and pallets, studying the special customer’s requirements and providing innovative alternatives. 

Margarito Leon Luna, a multinational accounts manager in Domino Printing Mexico, he underlined the advantages of their codes, from the batch marking, expiration date, and different codes.

“Our main objective is to fulfill coding functions for the Industry, which is printing, information marking such as a lot, expiration date, variable information, and two dimensions codes or of a dimension like a bar code, matrix data or QR Code for different types of packaging.  We offer a comprehensive solution to our customers’ requirements in different industries,” detailed the specialist.

Likewise, Leon Luna underlined the indelible marks and permanent of Domino Printing Mexico liked with a natural product.

“These requirements of indelible marks, permanent marks or being able to make a code, in essence, is the minimum expected of a coded equipment; however, from our point of view is to integrate our solutions in a natural manner towards the new characteristics in a productive environment, on a production line which is increasingly advanced.  Then what we propose is to communicate our coding solutions, that could be integrated naturally, without so many problems and that there may be monitoring to do different things,” he said.

He said that Domino Printing Mexico seeks to understand the requirements of their customers and begin to assemble creative solutions.

Additionally, he said the company enables solutions, not only offers the coder but also provides integrating what is needed to the production line.

As an example, he mentioned the pharmaceutical, which requires a sterilization code; the automotive sector, which needs other information connected with escada; y to the food industry that requires ink complies FDA standards.

“The variety of solutions becomes a matter of understanding the requirement in detail,” he assured.

Domino Printing Mexico stands out in different sectors of the industry, with a specialized marking for the pharmaceutical industry and with large-scale prints for drinks and food.

“In Domino, we have solutions for everything, we stand out on the pharmaceutical sector, as one of the most demanding sectors of technology, and in the beverages, with quick marking solutions to high volumes and fewer costs, with new technologies as the laser.  In the industrial sector, which almost always requires are integrations, basically, that is our strength when integrating those solutions,” he ended.