Innovation, technical capability, flexibility and quality are some of the pillars in which the Desa Jalisco company bases the solutions they offer to their customers, mainly framed inside the automotive market.


“We are an integrator of electro-mechanic and mechatronic developments.  We are dedicated to the mechanical development, electronic and of interfaces software for the validation of electronic modules,” said Gabriel Delgadillo Sanchez, general director of the company.


A second business unit is focused on the design and development of automated assembly lines for electronic modules of high precision and low weight.


The company started in 2005 marketing equipment.  It was not until 2010 that Gabriel Delgadillo got into the company, until then under his brother’s command, to start with the development of the first testing equipment.


Thanks to the experience which up to the moment had developed inside the industry in testing engineering and automation areas, it was not complicated that the first investors and customers started to trust in the skills of the company.  They delivered their first equipment to a German customer on April 2011.


“Something curious has happened to us: foreign see our potential, when sometimes Mexican companies do not see it,” he said.  After proven its value with customers outside the country, companies settled in the area increasingly trusted Desa; it currently has as customers some of the most important firms dedicated to the appliances, automotive and electronic industry.


“We worked a lot with the Delta model, in which we marry the customer; we put ourselves in their shoes to know everything and give a complete answer, aiming to achieve our customers be productive,” the directive explained.


After the continuous growth of the project, in 2012 the Delgadillo Sanchez brothers solved to separate the commercial part from the one of development, remaining at front of this last one, Gabriel Delgadillo.  Since then, the company is officially constituted as Desa Test Systems S.A. de C.V.


To the trimester, Desa personnel achieved to create from 40 to 50 testing equipment, while that in the same period are developed on average two automation lines, translated in approximately 30 machines.


The company is under a restructuration period, aimed to capitalize the talent they have.  Among other projects, it is anticipated the expansion of a second industrial building in order to have areas specialized in automation and testing equipment.


“We can do things right in Mexico, we have the talent.  The challenge for Mexican SMEs is that we have to believe it,” he added, at the same time he noted that one of the company’s priorities is to be interested in human talent and seek their comprehensive wellbeing.  


Name: Desa Test Systems

Facilities: 800 square meters

Number of workers: 53 workers

Activity: Automation and testing

Origin: Mexican