CONTPAQi celebrated its 35th anniversary organizing an event of major conferences COTPAQi Profit to promote SMEs innovation and encourage their growth.

The event was held in the Set of Scenic Arts Santander, in Zapopan, with six speakers and international opinion leaders.

Eduardo Perez Figueroa, general director of CONTPAQi, talked about this event that took place simultaneously in Monterrey and Mexico City.

“It is an annual event, this is the third time we organized simultaneously in three cities: Guadalajara, Mexico, and Monterrey, we also transmitted by Internet on our page CONTPAQi Profit, last year we visualize ourselves through Internet 150,000 people, in person we are expecting seven thousand people as you can see those are contents of the highest quality, and we have it divided in different tracks, we talk about fiscal issues, business subjects and of economy, in addition of the pro-balance we seek the balance between life and work.  With this event, we celebrate our 35 years and it is a way of giving back to SMEs and society what we have received,” said the directive CONTPAQi. 

For Perez Figueroa, SMEs digitalization is important for them not end quickly and continue to contribute to the country’s economy.

“SMEs digitalization is important, there are some data of a study we did this year, and we did this evaluation because we want to know which are the challenges and opportunities about digitalization, we find interesting things and we cross them with other studies and with INEGI data; for example, a very important data is that SMEs contribute with 52 % of the Gross Domestic Product, more than half of the added production of the country, and generate 68 % of employment, that is good, considering that in this country 99 % are micro, small and medium companies,” he detailed.

However, he referred that SMEs that are born today have possibilities of living less than two years and those that survive to do it 7.7 years average.

CONTPAQi proposal to digitalize SMEs are three services: virtual desks (support on the cloud,) computer safety and native web applications.


CONTPAQi also has software focused on the maquila and manufacturing Industry in Mexico: CONTPAQi Production, which helps to have a control in production lines, needs, inventories and follow-up of the entire supply chain.

“We cover all sectors, commerce, service and industry, we have software of CONTPAQi Producción, we believe much in the industry 4.0, we talked about digitalization and digital transformation,” he said.

Perez Figueroa said that CONTPAQi Produccion involves everything: materials, costing, production programming and everything that implies the management of production orders and that is linked with the rest of its system.

“With all these connected systems products can be delivered, invoice it, collected and the entire cycle,” he said.

Eduardo Perez underlined the CONTPAQi investment in Artificial Intelligence creating Positive, it is a cognitive computer technological platform for their business, which supports organizations to have a predictive study of their finances, among others.

“We are making an important investment in artificial intelligence, we have about five years, we created a company called Knowitive based in the artificial intelligence subject, we are betting on it and that will change the interaction the systems, we have patterns recognition, facial recognition, of voice, virtual assistants.  We are a company with a great amount of data which is not ours and with the appropriate authorization process from customers we can use a lot of big data, this serves as you have data and that data is in the cloud, from there you can make predictions, and we can use statistical data that can serve our customers,” he concluded.