The Tijera plant from the multinational Continental obtained the distinction “Family Responsible Company,” granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS, by its Spanish initials.)  This distinction has as an objective to recognize companies for the implementation of actions in favor of the comprehensive development of its workers.


Tijera plant proved to promote good labor practices in matter of gender equity, as well as of actions and policies that favor workers for them to take care of their family responsibilities.  Some of the measures implemented are schedule flexibility and the granting of extra wage benefits or bonus, which allows them having life balance and more emotional stability, when fulfilling two of the most important aspects in their lives.


This recognition confirms the company’s commitment with its collaborators; therefore they will seek to continue improving the labor environment and promote dynamics that seek conciliation of workers’ family and professional activities.  “To lead a business with human sense in Continental, speaks about leadership based in values such as respect, equality and dignity, this will contribute to have les personnel turnover,” this can be read in a statement issued by the company.


These practices, according to the federal office, contribute to promote companies’ competitiveness and productivity, as they create a sense of loyalty and commitment in the work plant.


The Tijera plant of Continental has consolidated as a manufacture center of innovative products used in the automotive industry worldwide.  Its production includes information systems, units for Anti-lock Brakes Systems (ABS) and immobilizers, among many others.


The technological company received this distinction last December as other 440 labor centers from different sectors throughout the country, same that represent 593,645 workers.  Up to now, more than 2,500 companies have received this distinction since its first edition in 2011.