Since 1981 distinguished entrepreneurs are acknowledged who through their work have transcended in the Jalisco community and contributed to sustainable industry


The Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ, by its Spanish initials) celebrated the XXXVII granting of the Industrial Merit and Distinguished Industrial Award 2017. Daniel Curiel Rodriguez, coordinator of the CCIJ, pointed out those recognizing industrialists is a way to encourage sectors to improve their practices, products and processes.


He recalled that the industrial sector of Jalisco contributes 7 % of GDP nationally and 40 % in the State, in addition to representing more than 659 thousand formal jobs. “To ensure the strengthening of the sector, the businessmen in Jalisco require a joint work of the different orders of government, where everyone from their trenches does what is right for us,” he said.


In the presence of representatives of chambers and associations belonging to the CCIJ, businessmen and government authorities, designer Maria Rosario Mendoza Verduzco received the highest distinction awarded by the business body.


Through its Takasami brand, the company has managed to break into the international market, with lines of clothes and accessories that combine innovation, culture and tradition, which has consolidated it as one of the most successful representatives of contemporary Mexican fashion.


The award winner shared with her attendees her ups and downs in her journey as an entrepreneur, knowing that “times of crisis are times of opportunity; no one has failed if they have the courage to get up and start over.”


Meanwhile, 21 more entrepreneurs were recognized as Distinguished Industrialists, nominated by each of the sectors that integrate the CCIJ. Likewise, the first MIND Innovation Award was presented, with Jorge Vazquez Murillo as the recipient.


Manuel Herrera Vega, president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (CONCAMIN, by its Spanish initials) congratulated the honorees and urged them to continue with this effort to build a better state and a better country.


Jorge Aristotle Sandoval Diaz, governor of Jalisco, said that the private initiative has been an invaluable ally to achieve industrial development, job creation, investment attraction and the strengthening of Jalisco nationally and internationally.

Maria Rosario Mendoza Verduzco – Industrial Merit Award

Jorge Vazquez Murillo –MIND Award to innovation

Jesus Aguirre Pizarro – CANAIM

Julián Becerra Torres – CAREINTRA

Teresa Calderon Duran – CIMEJAL

Juan Enrique Castanon Reyes – CANAGRAF

Hector Manuel Castellanos Frank – CMIC

Rene Daniel Damy Novoa – APIEJ

Francisco Estrada Hernandez – AFAMO

Elsa Maria Estrada Kelly – CCEJJ

Blondina Adriana Field Ramirez -  CANAIVE

Maria Cristina Gil del Rincon – AAAG

Enrique Guerrero Marin – CIAJ

Antonio Lara Robles – AISAC

Hector Adolfo Lugo Arias – CRIJPEJ

Jose Luis Morales de la Garza – CTEXO

Carlos Newton Frausto – CNIT

Guillermo Ortega Simon – CANIETI

Ruben Resendiz Perez – Index Occidente

Felipe de Jesus Rivera Sanchez – CICEJ

Manuel Jaime Rojo Lozano – CANACAR

Carlos Guillermo Salcedo Gonzalez – CANADEVI

Jose Salcedo Nunez – CIHUL