The Secretary of Labor and Social Security (STPS, by its Spanish initials) and the Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco (CCIJ, by its Spanish initials) launched the call for self-regulation program for companies in the field of industrial safety, called “Good Practices at Work.”


For the second consecutive year, this program seeks to approve state regulations with federal regulations on the subject, which, when viewed overregulated, constitutes an important cost for entrepreneurs.


“We want to raise awareness in companies so that they obtain certifications and accreditations that are focused on quality; one of them is safety. This at the end has to do with productivity, because you achieve less absenteeism, fewer accidents and no rotation, lower training costs. What we are looking for professionalism in companies,” said Daniel Curiel Rodriguez, coordinator of the CCIJ.


In an interview, the leader said that this badge could mean a first step for companies seeking to be suppliers of the high technology industry nationally or as exporters to achieve their mission, to achieve greater competitiveness and comply with the stipulated by Federal Law and State Labor, among other regulations.


“The first thing that is needed is for companies to understand the concept of quality. The first part of that has to do with safety. If you do not have safety conditions in your facility, you will hardly achieve quality,” he said.


Meanwhile, Tomas Figueroa Padilla, head of the STPS in Jalisco, said that the competitiveness of companies in the region will be increased whenever they comply with the regulations that guarantee benefits, training and other rights to their workers.


In the 2016 edition of this call participated more than 50 companies, of which 12 obtained this certification. According to Curiel Rodriguez, the expectation is that this year it will register about 200 companies and the badge is awarded to at least 50.


The call is open from July 31st to September 15th of this year.