Continuous education and training to its partners is the main function fulfilled by Lucia Sanchez Martinez in BorgWarner in El Salto, where her work is fundamental to reach production goals.


Sanchez Martinez has more than 13 years working with BorgWarner where she began in the production area focused on the automotive sector and today is the coordinator of the training department.


“I feel motivated because on the production side is very different than we are seeing today, we are teaching them how operation is and teaching them will assure the production will be as we need it to be, with work, quality and on time,” said the trainer.


Her work group is small, but her motivation is that most of the human capital at BorgWarner goes through her area where she encourages them to reach the production goals.


“At this moment I have three people working directly with me.  I encourage them taking into account what their remarks are, encouraging them every day to improve processes, and the most important, to work as a team,” she detailed.


One of the main values Sanchez underlined was teamwork with which they reach the established goals.


“Respect, collaboration potential which is one of the main ones, if we do not have collaboration objectives are not reached in the company, which is general; and the other responsibility and community support,” she said.


Lucia detailed a Little of her history with BorgWarner, which began in 2006.


“I began as production operator, I worked as production leader; later as production supervisor and on that moment as training coordinator on the production part,” she explained.


Additionally, she is proud of wearing BorgWarner’s -color-s, since working people encourage her to continue growing.


“In fact, thanks to the company, I am thankful of being where I am and it continues encouraging us to continue growing every day and supports people they believe have the potential to continue being encouraged,” she ended.