Through an application and website any company or people can compare prices on groceries or basic supplies needed by the organization and save up to 40 percent.


Julian Stastny, chief of operations at ByPrice, spoke with Mexico Industry about their platform.


“ByPrice started by comparing the price on drugs and other pharmaceutical products.  Now it compares more than half million products that belong to more than 100 categories in 30 supermarket departments.  Currently, we are the platform with the largest consumer products catalogue in Mexico and, therefore the best savings tool in terms of time and money, as it allows comparing in one place the price of more than 10,000 geolocated stores nationally,” he explained.


“We are b2b offering that database to companies, for price intelligent issues, ByPrice has two faces, one for public and other addressed to companies, in real time we have the comparator, and we are aware of the competition.”


For Stastny ByPrice is the perfect ally in decision making of the purchase department, since it obtains the inventory from several chains in the country, such as Amazon, Walmart, Superama, Soriana, Chedraui, La Comer; Comercial Mexicana, Fresko, City Market, Costco, La Europea, Farmacias San Pablo, Farmacia del Ahorro, Farmatodo, Sanborns and Farmacias Similares.


“Pricing of a product between one supermarket and another can vary up to 55 %, therefore it is important for Mexicans to adopt the use of buyers as part of their purchase routine.  Why pay more if you can buy the same products per 15, 25 or 40 % less with the practicality of them being taken to your home.”


Another differentiator underlined by the operational director is the immediacy and update.  “We make updates at least four times a day,” in such manner that the consumer receives timely information and make the order in the store with the less cost and higher availability.


Jalisco has the third place regarding ByPrice sales with 8.61 %, Mexico City is in first place with 27.38 % and the second is Estado de Mexico with 14.81 percent.


To compare prices just enter the website or download the application from the App Store or Google Play.