By the end of November, Bosch will be opening a smart building in Guadalajara, in which their main objective will be to support brilliant youngers in developing entrepreneurial projects that benefit Jalisco and the entire country.


The advisory of the German company is in Communications and Information Technologies (CIT,) robotics, cybersecurity and innovation issues.


Anoop Balachandran business manager of Robert Bosch Mexico and specialist in Industry 4.0 explained how the mind incubator will work, which has not been officially opened.


“For us we have the technology in the software design center of Bosch, in Mexico is located in Guadalajara, there are more than 400 engineers, focused on different topics as connectivity in movement, smart cities, etc.”


He detailed that they are not directly Bosch employees, but it is a Co-Working space of innovative companies arriving and part of the office: “Bosch is only a mentor with the best technology, it is a space provided for innovation.”


Balachandran underlined that the human capital they are observing in the smart building, are recently graduated youngsters hungry to invent and do new things.


“In addition, Guadalajara is a great place for the students community and we have many brilliant students, who are excited to do new things, explore new technologies, internet and its progress, artificial intelligence, informatics security, all this people will come to this place, with great environment and professionalism,” said the specialist.


Choosing the creative minds is a process together with Bosch, different universities and the Government.


“Our prospects are noticeable young people highlighted by the Government or academies, and I think that all together is easier to innovate in all Mexico,” said the directive.


In addition, the chosen ones are from different parts of Mexico, what generates feedback in other States, where in a future new companies will be installed which will contribute to the economy.