Bosch hub Guadalajara – the most innovative building in the country with IoT technology that manages light, temperature and window brightness – opened doors for Mexico Industry magazine, it is here where their fulfill their main platforms and technological solutions, in addition of general control of all employees from their plants in Mexico.

Roger Eleutheri, commercial director of the Guadalajara site of Bosch Mexico, highlighted the growth they have had in about seven months of operation in Jalisco and highlighted the human talent, which surprised him and nowhere else in the world.

“We officially opened this place in November and today we have 580 associates, there were 430 a year ago, all units here have grown strongly in less than 12 months.  We are projecting reaching 650 by the end of the year and everything points out for it to be completely full in 2020 or 2021 with 1,000 people, which is the total quota,” said the directive.

“With the particularities Guadalajara has, I have not seen that much in Bosch world,” he noted.

Eleutheri explained that what is made in the building, which has more than 10,600 square meters, is made by bright hands and minds from all over the country, and also has the support of foreign engineers.

“Bosch is a very important player within the innovation and technology ecosystem in Guadalajara, the main activities we carry here are software development, hardware engineering and IoT solutions, those are activities the unit called Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions and it is a branch we have in India,” he said.

Bosch Guadalajara is the most valuable and creative player of the group in the country, at least that said its director.

“Guadalajara is the national center of Bosch for innovation and new business development, we are marketing two solutions in Mexico and here is the central one.  Here in Guadalajara Bosch is a center of corporate services, for example, we are serving in human resources to all 16,500 employees they have in Mexico, it is an area we want to expand,” he said.

Also, Bosch e-commerce is managed at the smart building, with products and tools from the company founded in Germany.

“I will talk about two new business we are managing from here, one is e-commerce, Bosch Mexico has an electronic commerce platform, at we are marketing Bosch products for the Mexican market, every consumer can buy products in our commercial divisions, for example, electric tools, heaters, etcetera and in fact we are expanding it,” said the Swiss manager

In addition, Bosch Guadalajara supports national startups such as Kiwi and Gaszen, both well recommended by Eleutheri.

“We are also marketing Mexican startups products, we have a credit card payment system, purchases can be made from a mobile phone and use it to receive the payment, this product is called Kiwi and we are promoting it in our website,” he explained.

“Another example is an electronic gas meter (hardware and software) and it is settled on the commercial gas tank and gas consumption is controlled from an app on a cellphone, gas reposition orders can be made through the app, it is a company named Gaszen.  We are analyzing which other products from interesting companies we can offer,” ended the executive.

Bosch Guadalajara
Associates: 580
Capital: German
Product: Hardware engineering, software development and IoT solutions