Every day, from El Salto, Jalisco, Blackstone Tires company produces 100 % Mexican tires for national and international automotive industry.


Exclusively for Mexico Industry, Jesus Torres Nuno, president of the Board of Directors of Blackstone Tires, underlined the effort made at the plant to fulfill the manufacturing goal.


“We are one of the main tires producer in this country.  But our tires, as the slogan say, are the only 100 % world class Mexican tires.  Currently, we have productions higher than 17,000 tires per day, but we have had production peaks of up to 22,000 tires per day,” he noted.


He detailed that the historic production began practically since January 2005 when they reopened the Factory and since then they have manufactured more than 47 million tires.


“Most of them have been exported to the United States, Central America and South America, we believe we are a company that must be a matter of proud for Mexico and Jalisco,” he explained.


This manufacturing complex facilities are Avant-grade, measure more than 9,000 square meters in the production area and have the possibility to expand.


“Our plant is settled on an area of 9 hectares, but our territorial reserve is of 64 hectares, this means, we have potential to grow,” he referred.


According to Jesus Torres Nuno, this is one of the largest plant in Jalisco state: “Surely, it is one of the largest factories nationwide.  Our company is designed with an Avant-grade layout, the building and production train is graduated to optimize our processes”


He explained that all tires models can be manufactured always with the best quality for automobiles running high speeds and also for cars transiting through winding paths.

“We manufacture all cars and trucks tires, light truck – which is the light truck – we have little more than 200 different tires measures which go from rims size 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 (inches,) I think we have an entire market niche there which is the one we are attacking,” he specified.


One of the competitive advantages highlighted by Torres, is the reaction capability before the customer, fulfilling what they requested and arriving timely due to the proximity with main assemblies throughout America.


“We react at the moment, have the product in less time than those from Chinese origin which spend a month on board; we have the advantage of being a very agile reaction company committed to serve the market changing needs,” he noted.


Moreover, he said they are committed not only with quality and quickness issues in responding to customers, they also encourage innovation to offer the best tires produced in Mexico.


“We are sure we are at the top but we want to be number one, we are convinced we will do it,” he declared.


It is worth mentioning that Blackstone Tires and Cooper Tires – one of the main distributors – created a joint venture to export towards the United States, Central America, South America and Europe.


Additionally, the Mexican company has two specialized certifications.


“We have ISO9001:2005, each year we renew the license.  This certification is for the North American market, but the Southern market demands from us a certification named Inmetro, which is different but intended to the same, this means, seeking processes are perfectly certified and fulfill quality standards required by Central and South America, and also for the United States and Europe market, those are the certifications we have,” he revealed.


Finally, the company is based in equality values, solidarity and democracy, ethics, with different distinctions for being a sustainable company, ecological and inclusive.