What started as a repair and damaged buses auto-parts collection workshop today is an assembler autobuses bodyworks named BECCAR that provide mobility to the main cities in the country.


Julian Becerra Torres, general director of Carroceria Hermanos Becerra (BECCAR,) told us a Little about the story that began in Capotlanejo, Jalisco, where it currently has its production plant.


“A totally Mexican company, we are a group of five partners, it began in 1984 as a rebuild workshop, of repair, recollection of sinister passengers’ buses and is a history that was carried on; in 94 the first own model began to be manufactured, bodywork design, and until today there are several models being manufactured with a group of engineers as products engineering, processes engineering, manufacturing and design part,” said the businessman.


The models they currently market are eight in total; six different urban and suburban, in addition for personnel transportation and other two foreign.


“They are own models that in fact have born from the imagination and simply  what it is in the market and in the country, in the world and to continuously improve we have to refine what is been done in other countries, enhance the product being manufactured at Carrocerias Hermanos Becerra and be at forefront,” said Becerra Torres.


Julian detailed the main competitive advantages of BECCAR and, due to currently in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, most of buses bodywork was manufactured by them.


“There are several factors, but mainly it is about passenger’s safety and we also have to seek profitability for the investor since he provides the resource to manufacture the buses and transport the passenger,” he said.


Benjamin Tovar Valenzuela, marketing manager of BECCAR, explained how is that they build the entire buses bodywork leaving an already final product.


“The bus is manufactured as of we receive the materials, many of them the metallic part, Steel profiles, sheet and from there the process begin with the development or layout of each one of the autobuses, where each piece in the bus is detailed  and its assembly process, once we have the complete data of each bus the manufacturing of each metallic piece begins, cutting process, doubles and union, to build the bus with subassemblies, those are lateral parts, floor, awning, fronts and rears, it is the spine, what provides the shape,” he noted.



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Name of the company: BECCAR

Beginning of operations: 1984

Origin: Mexican

Number of employees: 648 workers

Activity: Automotive