The work will represent a total investment of more than 2,604 million pesos, whereby 10,300 jobs are expected to be generated


After more than two decades of operation, the San Jorge Park located in the municipality of Tlajomulco de Zuniga, took new impetus and allied with the company American Industries, in order to offer more and better spaces for the industry in the region.


On a first stage, the American Industries Industrial Park San Jorge already has one building of 10,000 square meters, which accompanies the four companies previously established in the Park.


The space is suitable to house any manufacturing operation, thanks to its height of 28 feet and to its 19 platforms for loading and unloading.  Each stage will consist of an average of 85,800 square meters and an investment of approximately 868 million pesos, which includes the property land, the urbanization and the buildings.


“The San Jorge Industrial Park started 22 years ago as a family business that we have managed.  Today we are given the opportunity of adding efforts to make it better.  We have achieved a great chemistry,” said that during the reopening Jorge Suarez Navarro, founder of the Industrial Park San Jorge.


However, he said that the mission of the Park will remain the same.  “We are people committed with our country.  The idea is to develop the Industrial Park and do it better every time, more today that we are at excellence levels,” he said.


Suarez Navarro, who also leads the Association of Industrial Parks of Jalisco, assured that the fact that the park is only two kilometers away from the new macrolibramiento and less than 10 minutes from the Miguel Hidalgo International Airport provides it with an extraordinary and strategic logistics location for different industries, such as the automotive, aerospace and electronics.


Luis Lara Armendariz coincided with that, president and founder of American Industries.  “The combination of efforts that lead us to one of the values be that each time we do a new work, we make it better than the previous one,” he noted.


The businessman assured that Jalisco is a great area of opportunities for the national and international industry, thanks to the educational institutes that it houses, as well as the transportation systems and the quality of the Jalisco society.


Likely, he anticipated that suppliers from the electronic and automotive Industry seek to be established at the American Industries San Jorge Industrial Parks, taking into account the growing boom of the auto-parts sector in the entity and the leadership it holds in the branch of high technology and electronic manufacturing.


“We already have some important prospects, although some decisions have been postposed waiting for the results of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA.)  They belong to companies of the automotive, medical and aerospace sector,” he emphasized.


The project anticipates four construction phases, which are expected to be completely completed for 2024.  The total area of the Park of more than 100 hectares and will be housing 30 buildings of inventory and customized projects.


At the moment the second stage urbanization started same that is expected to be ended before 2020, as Luis Lara Armendariz reported.


More jobs for Jalisco


Alejandro Lara Cruz, CEO of American Industries Central Mexico, said that the commercialization of the project is being worked with different industrial corridors.


“We calculate more than 10,000 jobs for Guadalajara in this Park, whereby we are very happy, since there will be many families the ones benefited from this,” he said.  The businessmen trusted that thanks to this expectative, the Park will achieve impacting positively in the manufacturing sector of the region.


Meanwhile, Jose Palacios Jimenez, head of the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO, by its Spanish initials) of the entity, noted that this kind of projects promote the creation of better jobs in the State.


“Jalisco is, for the first time, the State that generated more jobs in 2017, with little more than 93,000 jobs.  We are above the Estado de Mexico, Mexico City and Nuevo Leon.  The State does not generate the jobs, is the facilitator for more businessmen can generate the jobs needed in this country, in order for families to have better incomes,” he said.


Environment, a priority


Lara Armendariz emphasized that for American Industries always been a priority the care of the environment; the American Industries San Jorge Industrial Park is not the exception.


That is why it has a wastewater treatment plant and water well inside the park.  Likewise it is the only Industrial park that has an artificial lake, intended as common area and to be an area of relaxation for employees from the different industrial buildings.


“From the beginning we want it to be a Green park, in which pollution is minimized and order, hygiene and health are priories.  For that we start from the image.  We believe that life quality is also in visual, therefore all services run underground.  We want the worker to be comfortable,” the president said.


At the reopening were present Marian Garibay Fernandez, regional director of American Industries; the colonel of infantry Jose Salvador Leon and Carlos Jaramillo Gomez, interim mayor of Tlajomulco de Zuniga.


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Grupo American Industries is a company 100 % Mexican born in 1976.  It has operations in Jalisco, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua and Texas, United States.