All Circuits (from France) and IEE (from Luxemburg) arrived in Jalisco together on a same plant in Guadalajara Technology Park to manufacture electronic cards and safety sensors for automobile’s inside, both focused on the automotive industry trusted Jalisco talent.

The plant opened on January 11th in one of the industrial areas of the State in the western area of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, Pascal Auboid, manager of the plant talked about the two European companies that will produce their products in the municipality of Zapopan.

“All Circuits is an EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) from France, we manufacture electronic cards for the automotive industry, we also have customers from the medical industry; and we manufacture sensors for IEE which are sent for the manufacturing of seats and then are installed in cars, our main customer in Mexico is General Motors,” he said.

“It is a new plant, is unique worldwide for our corporate because it is the first plant with two companies, All Circuits and IEE, for example All Circuits has two plants in France and one in Tunisia; IEE has two plants in Europe, one in China and a small one in the United States, here in Mexico is a decision of more than four years to transfer production we now have in Europe and China for the market in Canada, the United States and Mexico.”

The startup investment was of 10 million dollars and this year they are thinking to invest between two or three million dollars more in equipment.

“The plant is of 12 thousand square meters, most of the space will be completely used in 2025, five thousand meters in production, two thousand in warehouse and one thousand for offices, we are currently using eight thousand and in the future most of it will be used to have one thousand workers,” Aubois, also detailed part of the industrial park size.

An important reason why they settled in Jalisco is its human capital and its preparation, as there is a great amount of universities and technological centers; they currently have 32 workers and are considering closing with 200 employees by the end of the year.

“The talent here is very good, there are great technicians, engineers, operators, with great availability and they respect values and processes, only for quality was sought someone with experience from Germany in Europe because they are square minded in that aspect and quality is very important, also one person for sales and one engineer are from France.  The rest of employees are Mexican,” he said.

As added value the two companies that belong to the same group, underline that their processes must be efficient and have no errors.

“We try to produce a good piece the first time, we will avoid opening the piece, touching it, reassemble it, and we use process equipment to produce a good piece the first time, be efficient.  Moreover, we are always taking care in having excellent quality, accessible costs and timely delivery for our customers,” he said.

Likely, they adapt to the design needs requested by the buyer.

“Flexibility is (our advantage and benefit) and in fact we have the possibility of manufacturing the design needed by the customer, we can perform tests and at the end what was requested is achieved, and this applies in both companies,” he noted.

Pascal Aubois underlined that among their customers are most of the automobile manufacturers worldwide and that was why they decided to settle here to be near the assemblers in the country and in the United States.


“For All Circuits we have customers which are mainly from Europe, located in Germany, Sweden and France, also with customers within the industrial market; for IEE are almost all the automotive brands, important brand in Japan such as Nissan, in Korea with Hyundai and KIA; in France with Renault; in Germany with Volkswagen, Audi; in the United States with Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet,” he stated.