3D printing large format machines at low cost is the offer of Sambot Industries


With the idea of serving a sector of the Industry with the need of specific additive manufacturing, Samuel Gonzalez, Arturo Villarreal and Jonathan Calva started Sambot Industries; company specialized in the creation of 3D printers in great format.


“Sambot industries is focused in solving the professional industrial need from sectors as the aeronautics, automotive, electronic, medical and education,” said Jonathan Calva.


Taking advantage of the experience that the manufacturing industry had, as well as the previous successful entrepreneurship called 3D printers, members started Sambot Industries in 2016.  To date they have placed more than 10 equipment in the market and continue perfecting its product and adapting it to the specific needs of each client.


“When we adventure in designing and manufacture our own printers and develop our brand, we saw that the entire world was making small printers.  To not have competition, we decided to create something beyond what already existed: large format printers,” said Samuel Gonzalez.


Machines designed and produced by entrepreneurs, have a printing area of a cubic meter.  They can work in different materials or filaments, as nylon, PLA, ABS or more specialized plastics, as nylon with carbon fiber or glass fiber.


Thanks to 3D Printers, the company has the confidence of the educational market.  For this, the first team of Sambot Industries was installed in the CUCEI from UdeG.


“Our differentiation is that we manufacture in Mexico.  Any 3D printing company does not manufacture equipment at industrial level nor it is as specialized as we are,” said Arturo Villarreal.


“We deliver a product that will sustain a basic need of the process that they want to couple, in addition to that we give advice an integral advice,” he ended.