In the next 12 months, the company will seek expanding its workforce and facilities in the entity


Jabil is an American company dedicated to offering electronic solutions for a wide variety of sectors.  It focuses in different areas, such as design and specialized manufacture of technological products and supply for the industry, among many other things.


Simon Willcox, director of Operations at Jabil, shared that the American firm arrived to Guadalajara 21 years ago, thanks to the supply ecosystem that started to be developed in the area, as well as to the incentives and interest from the local government in the facility of new companies.


“This is one of Mexico’s technical centers; in this period the supply chain for different industries was developed in this area and we found opportunities to integrate,” he said.


In 2015 the Jabil plant was opened at the Guadalajara Technology Park, same that in the following years has been expanded its presence in this industrial park.  Together with the Valdepenas plant, Jabil serves about 30 customers of different activities.


In Guadalajara, the company focuses on the Green point, EMS, Packaging solutions, and advanced mechanical solutions divisions.



Next step, expanding operations


Willcox said that thanks to the growth they have had in Guadalajara and in Mexico in general, the company will seek expanding its facilities and personnel to continue with a suitable service to customer.  The next openings are expected before the end of this year, he noted.


“Today our sales in Mexico, amount about 3.6 billion dollars and we continue growing,” the directive shared, he said in the last six months have achieved concreted additional projects.


Likewise he anticipated 2019 will be a very important year for the company, since the new workloads guarantee an important growth.


A company focused on people


“We are an organization of people, beyond manufacturing; Jabil is strongly focused on human capital development.  We are focused in becoming the employer by election; we achieved that not only by compensating it correctly to the personnel, but also by investing on their training and development,” Willcox said.

“We are fortunate because we could give opportunities to people.  In this company we are very proud of what we have achieved and we enjoy the fact of we are helping not only Jabil grow, but also the city, the state and the country,” explained Wilson Cavalcante, plant director.


Meanwhile, Simon Willcox noted that the Jabil model dictates having as priority its customers, therefore the service is always near and customized.


“We do not products from Jabil, we make products for people.  What we do is enable their brands quality.  How do we do this? By being leaders in technological, innovating manufacture and thinking outside the box,” he concluded.


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Name: Jabil (Guadalajara Technology Park)

Number of workers: 3,000

Start of operations: 2015

Capital: American

Activity: Manufacturing