Aiming to incorporate youngsters into companies of the region was opened the Technological Core of the facility from the State of Guanajuato Training Institute (IECA, by its Spanish institute) in San Miguel de Allende, which will train 3 thousand people per year.


Thus was announced by Juan Carlos Rodriguez, general director of the institute, who added that this is a center that has forefront equipment, answering the demands of the Guanajuato state industry.


He said that It is an update project to IECA facilities, being San Miguel de Allende an important point in the State where big companies have concentrated, same that with the construction of the Industrial Park, attracted investment into the area, diversifying the traditional economic activity, which were agrifood, artisan, touristic and of services.


“San Miguel population is one of those with higher inequality, as it is a sector that is experiencing this industrial change, therefore, it was necessary to implement punctual strategies that will help society to adapt to this new economic model,” Rodriguez explained.


Juan Carlos Rodriquez also explained that the investment on this core was of 19 million pesos, built by the State Government through the Program of Human Development of Labor Training, in order for more youngsters incorporate to work in companies and in work world.


“In this core we have equipment integrated by plastic injection machines, CNC machining center, lathes, drills, pneumatic equipment and industrial welding,” he detailed.




This core will serve 22nd companies, among them Stant, a world-class company with which they will be working together aiming that through the use of technology, youngsters can learn more techniques in the industry and later seek for a working space at such companies.


Companies integrated on this core are characterized by working in the manufacturing of auto-parts of great added value, therefore a technical training is required for the subject of molds, plastic, aluminum injection, among others, which implies the knowledge of the metal-mechanic area, drilling, lathes, rectifiers, etc. as well as numeric control machines.


“What was sought was a practical solution, that the industry here participates and works around what society demands and how people can integrate to working spaces,” Rodriguez emphasized.


The Core will provide at least 20 % of the theory the personnel hired in companies, or even provide complete training to young people from medium high and high schools, can attend this Center to complement the practical part with new and updated equipment, which are the ones used in manufacturing companies in San Miguel de Allende.


Meanwhile, Gary Masse, CEO of Stant, said that this company will contribute to the preparation of the workforce of youngsters and workers from different companies, as he considered that it is commitment of the industry with the population where they arrive to settle.  Therefore, as donation, it has equipment installed in the Technological Core aiming for youngsters begin getting used to the techniques and used procedures.