24 youngsters from the Universidad Tecnologica de Leon (UTL) concluded their training as specialists Toolmakers-Die-cutters, from the program “Cooperative Formation Guanajuato.”


With this course designed by the Ministry of Sustainable Economic Development

(SDES, by its Spanish initials) the benefited group prepared for a year and a half through a dual formation scheme, which allowed them increasing their knowledge in more than 15 skills through UTL, together with the development of technical competences from St. Clair College of Canada.


At the same time they achieved taking theory to practice with the support of Martinrea, company that offered its facilities for students perform what they learned in the classroom and later join the lanes of the company.


At the closing “Cooperative Formation Guanajuato group – Martinrea Formation Specialized in Toolmakers-Die-cutters,” it was announced that this plan is focused in serving the requirements of labor market present in the State, because it is one of the specialists the industry requires the most and that lacks qualified workforce.


It also has the objective of encouraging the development of transversal competences and youngsters techniques, as well as of the five professors of UTL that participated in this program.


In addition, youngsters had the opportunity of traveling to Canada to attend their graduation at St. Claire College.  For six days they were at the North American country, they knew the facilities of the university and were given a course about what they learned during that period.


At the event, Sofia Ayala Rodriguez, dean of UTL, said that with this training they have a global vision of what the industry is asking for.  In addition, he thanked the support of Martinrea for their collaboration with students so they could fulfill their practices in this matter.


“Thanks to this formation model, today youngsters are working and encouraging this continuous improvement circle, with its professional formation that has international standards,” he said.


Alberto Monier Romero, beneficiaries of the program, presented what they did in the course and noted that Guanajuato has a deficit of specialists in this matter, situation why Martinrea opted to approach the program to create profiles as Toolmakers-Die-cutters.


“We are specialists in steel dedicated to work with metals to create pieces of the sector, of quality and accuracy,” he emphasized.


He said that with the program of the Canadian university they achieved to fulfill about 3,600 hours of course and that they also had the support of professors from St. Claire College.


“We could increase our training hours, because it was intended to be of 1.040 hours, but we achieved to have the support of the Government to extend the program,” he noted.


Joe Grunstein, general director of Martinrea, underlined that it is very important for the industry to participate in this kind of projects that detonate the development of local talent and in turn, the growth of the sectors.