Yamada-Vistamex is set up in a joint venture partnership with Yamada Electric, a Japanese-owned company. Through a fusion of talents and good practices, this new company, which has been operating for five years, is born.


Jose Luis Hernandez, director of the company, announced that it is currently a company that works together, manufacturing personal care products such as rakes having three main customers like Tupperware.


“What Yamada - Vistamex offers, are integral solutions for their customers, since we can work from what is the molding and assembly, from one piece to several components.”


This company emerged as a way to offer support to the industry, assuring its customers that everything that is manufactured has a quality backing, because the processes are manually reviewed applying all the quality standards that the company has applied since its beginnings.


“Among our main pillars is teamwork, change of attitude, being willing to do so, as part of the essence of Yamada-Vistamex.”


Currently, the company has ISO 9000, based on special features of the quality control that is performed in the processes and obtain a better product, in addition to other recognitions as a Socially Responsible company, providing a support to the community and concerned about knowing the place and the needs of the people where they are located they also offer scholarships to the workers’ children who obtain grades above 9, annually a recognition ceremony is given where they are given an economic gift.


In the supply segment, they obtained recognition during five consecutive years as Suppliers of Excellence obtaining a satisfactory qualification according to the establish metrics such as timely deliveries and product quality.


“This type of recognition supports us; the satisfaction we provide them in their service is according to their expectations.”




One of the main aspects that Yamada-Vistamex values, is the human factor, because every year a training plan is generated on integration issues, couching; current issues for key positions such as training for production leaders and specialties in the plastic management.


“We rely on educational institutions that provide us with the training service and we seek it has curricular validity, in addition to participating with companies that even have the latest technology so that our workers know and have the knowledge of how to operate it.”


Our 430 people personnel are periodically sent to receive these training, which are fulfilled permanently and are acknowledged as a professional preparation grade inside the company.



Jose Luis Hernandez, director of Yamada-Vistamex, said that steady courses of continuous improvement are given to workers so that quality is reflected in the final product.


He said that it can be done; even that more things can be done with less people, as once the processes reliable for workers are introduced, satisfactory results can be obtained.


“We have follow-up activities to indicators and comparatives with corporates where we ensure that we must be in a position in front of our competition, I can say that Yamada closely follows its results and indicators to be competitive, is part of an internal commitment.”


He said that as a short-term goal is to be the company in the Amistad Park better paid in 2020, reason why, we are working to ensure that processes, workers, quality and, above all, salary, will be the best in the Park.



name: Yamada-Vistamex

Activity: Manufacture

Start of operation: 2012

Number of works:430

Capital: Japanese - Mexican

Product:  Rakes and personal care products