Mexico Industry invited women leaders from different sectors in Guanajuato who contribute with their experience, add talent and generate important changes in organizational culture of the companies and institutions they represent.


They are Monica Alonso, Dessire Angel, Guadalupe Arrieta, Gabriela Bucio, Karina Contreras, Vanessa Cordero, Katja Dittmar, Nahieli Garcia, Norma Quintero, Margarita Soto, Hiroko Toyama, Adriana Valdivia and Paola Vazquez.


They have wide experience and standout in positions and sector traditionally associated with men: automotive, industrial parks, investment attraction, foreign trade, information technologies, finance and restaurants.


The meeting took place at the Homewood Suites Silao hotel, where they shared their experiences, exchanged their points of view about encouraging female empowerment and agreed to work together in different action lines.


The industrial development process being experienced in Guanajuato has increased the demand of human capital and the opportunities so women can integrate into the labor market and perform leading positions with an added value.


According with the UN, women are fundamental economic agents that generate prosperity, employment, innovation and are a powerful development engine.  Their insertion into the labor market, in addition to going forward in their economic activity, drives to other opportunities, resources and goods that lead to a better social mobility benefiting their families, the community and society as a whole.  When the number of occupied women increases, economies grow.


For Deloitte consulting, companies with inclusive talent practices in contracting, development, leadership and teams management, generate a profit per employee 30 % higher and a profitability higher than the one of their competitors.


Guests concurred in that women are demonstrated gender equity benefits the industrial sector, of business and society in general: “Guanajuato companies that have female talent as business strategy have gone beyond in their objectives of competitiveness, profitability and permanence.”


They noted that the industry, especially from abroad, is generating new opportunities based mainly in achievements and careers issues, knowledge and skills, than in gender subjects.


“Women are showing that gender equity benefits the industrial and business sectors by contributing with competences and skills that strength the productive chain in the area,” they underlined.


They assured women have arrived to the industry and to the business sector strongly to break schemes and reach new positions, by showing high levels of commitment, leadership, discipline and work dedication, situation that allows opening new opportunities to future generations of women in the business and industrial sector.


“Although more women are increasingly achieving better positions inside the industry, in operative positions as well as directive, there is still a long way to go,” they noticed.


Finally, they highlighted that there are big challenges to be faced and they committed to generate actions in favor of women, to work in achieving to increase their participation in companies and institutions, to seek better conditions of safety and social wellbeing, to reduce the wage gap between genders, to eradicate stereotypes established since childhood and open roads to new women generations.

1.    Dessire Angel, deneral director of COPARMEX Leon

2.    Gabriela Bucio, general director of Parque Cuadritos

3.    Monica Alonso, general directorof CANACINTRA Leon

4.    Katja Dittmar, general director of Kromberg & Schubert

5.    Guadalupe Arrieta, general manager of CANIRAC Leon

6.    Karina Contreras, business Development Leader     of Citius Capital

7.    Hiroko Toyama, bajio regional director of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mexico

8.    Adriana Valdivia, general director of CANIETI Guanajuato

9.    Paola Vazquez, president of IMEF Guanajuato

10.    Norma Quintero, general director of Index Guanajuato

11.    Nahieli Garcia, general director of Temaplax

12.    Vanessa Cordero, general director of Desarrolladora Marabis

13.    Margarita Soto, general director of COFOCE Foreign Trade and Logistics