Organizations and companies have personnel helping them achieving objectives every day, it is a gear in which applying an important strategy is fundamental, effective communication.

This is how Veronica Olalde has built her career as a professional in Yamada Vistamex for four years.

She considers the key of any worker willing to reach his objectives is precisely to have them clear, once skills and knowledge are combined, as well as collaboration and understanding with all company workers, it is how goals are started to be accomplished.

“When I started, one of my fears was not being able to transmit what I was thinking to fulfill a better work, I always thought when people understand what they are about to perform or when they understand the company’s objectives or of a teamwork specifically, is how they begin working to achieve them together,” she explained.

Veronica began in Yamada Vistamex in January 2014 in the production area, supporting assembly lines, specifically in the leader support area where she was in charge of the attendance list, management of production orders in the system in a manual manner for the assembly area.

Later, the company was updated by changing to the Flex system, for which she received different training in the management and control of such a system in addition to transmitting such training to the personnel.

“It was an important challenge, it was the first time I started to consider the importance of transmitting knowledge to workers, as it was about teaching them to how to consume materials, how to register orders, among other very important aspects for the company’s functioning in the production area,” he said.

She noted that in companies where leaders know how to communicate with people is important messages are transmitted as they should, for workers feel free to state their concerns and doubts in order to improve or modify procedures in necessary. 

“Going from one operations cell to lead and transmit information is a great challenge, in addition, that the personnel is looking at us as support for the solution of problems, the way in which we communicate is definitively very important,” she said.

She recognized that companies as Yamada Vistamex are concerned for the professional growth of their workers, by providing them facilities to overcome and train in the appropriate area, as in her specific case, the company provided her with the opportunity of working and study at the same time and this way covering an important part of her professional training.

Currently, Veronica is leader of Quality Receipt and Finished Product where she has the control of all raw material entering the plant, in addition of assessing and audit company’s suppliers to validate its components are of excellent quality to review and suggest, effectively on their labor executions and one correct communication among them, aspects she considers, have been fundamental for her work team performs effectively.

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Age: 22 years

Schooling: Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration and Development

Current position: Quality leader Receipt and Finished Product

Staff in charge: Six people