To continue with the mission of making irrigation comprehensive solutions more accessible, Rivulis opened its plant in the Advance Industrial Park of Guanajuato Inland Port.


This factory is the 16th of the Israeli company and it is considered the largest of the corporate. Together with more than 10 production lines and since they started operations in February 2019 they have manufactured more than 50,000 irrigation lines Ro-Drip, which became an innovative drip irrigation solution. Alex Kannor, global director of operations Rivulis, said that the strategy to reach Mexico was to create a massive production of products of micro-irrigation for the national market and thus be able to help the agricultural sector to be the most productive and competitive.


“We would like to increase productivity in Mexico and that is why we are supporting more than 50 commercial partners into the country to make it a reality, to make micro-irrigation more accessible in the Mexican market,” he said.


Nisshin Gastelum, general director of Rivulis Mexico, said that they have been specialists for 50 years in this area and that by reaching this country, they have the objective of solving the challenges of irrigation in global agriculture.


He referred that the company currently has more than 2,000 employees, who have achieved generating a wide range of irrigation solutions including industries of the agricultural area, horticulture, landscape, and mineral.


Gastelum said that they have fundamental pillars to encourage the industry which are: the accessibility through which they offer simple and smart technology, as well as innovation, as they are visionary in micro-irrigation with Avant-grade factories and 3 Global Design Centers in the United States, Greece, and Israel.


“We would like sustainable relationships with our partners by making fare businesses, honest and beneficial for all. We understand the challenges producers have that is why we provide solutions and customized projects to serve each of their needs,” he noted.


Mauricio Usabiaga Diaz Barriga, head of the Ministry of Economic Sustainable Development (SDES, by its Spanish initials) declared the importance of having companies that support the development of this industry, because economic matters in Guanajuato within the food and agriculture sector, the agricultural production value exceeds the 22,000 million pesos, that belong to a 4.3 % contribution to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP.)


Locating the state in the eighth position, because it has 25 municipalities exporting agri-food products to 69 countries with a value higher than 1,551 million dollars.


Besides having its factory in Mexico, the Israeli company Rivulis has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, India, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.


Among the high-performance products it offers are irrigation lines, dripping laterals, dripping piping, inserted drips, jets and micro-sprinklers, metal filters, hoses, fertigation and automation, valves and connectors.