Guanajuato prepares the first aeronautical project with innovative materials and the stamp Made in Mexico


Guanajuato is getting ready the first project for the construction and commercialization of an aircraft manufactured in Mexico, turning the State in the first one in assembling aircrafts in 77 years.


Horizontec is the Mexican company leading this project.  It is a Mexican company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of light sport aircrafts.


The first flight tests of this aircraft developed in Mexico were done at the Queretaro Intercontiental Airport (AIQ, by its Spanish initials) at the facilitates of the National Center of Aeronautics Technologies (CENTA, by its Spanish initials.)


The name of this aircraft is H1 and is a first prototype build of fiberglass and composed wood.  This aircraft is focused on recreational use, sports and aviation schools.


It is a two-seater model with a single engine of 100HP.  Its size is of 9.4 meters and has a longitude of 7 meters, its uptake will be of 10 liters per hour, with an autonomy of up to eight hours, to reach a height of 15,000 feet and a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour.


According to the company, this aircraft is the first step to build a model called H2.1, its pricing will be around 120,000 to 260,000 dollars, and the company anticipates an annual production of up to 40 units per year.


The model H1 is still waiting for the certification at the National Center of Aeronautics Technologies (CENTA) located in the city of Queretaro, therefore Guanajuato will be the place where the construction and marketing of H2 will be promoted.  Nevertheless, continuity will be provided to the collaboration ties with CENTA, developing Halcon H2.1 with higher aerodynamic technology.




In interview with Giovanni Angelucci Carrasco, founder of the company Horizontec and president of IK Aerospace, announced that aviation in Mexico continues to be an underdeveloped issue, therefore technology behind the aviation sector is forefront technology.


“A country not developing this kind of technology represents a limitation, then this initiative wants to encourage and gather efforts to detonate a Mexican aviation made by Mexicans, as with that supply for aeronautical products will increase and I understand that there is a great potential on this region,” he referred.


Mexico is one of the first six nations worldwide that turns its market towards space supply, therefore, he considered that efforts must be joint to have a technological platform that provides services to this market.


Halcon 2 will be shaped by composed materials on an industrialization process, it has a study and advanced technological development, therefore, he considered Guanajuato has the advantage of having companies with an automotive DNA which will less effort can be also suppliers for the aeronautical sector.


The investment for this Aerospace Ecosystem that will be located in San Miguel de Allende, will be of 24 million dollars and will be integrated by the aeronautics school, a maintenance center and an aircrafts factory.





According to Fernando Balderas, president of Grupo SSC, company collaborating with the manufacture of design software for the aircraft, said that through trainings and advisories will collaborate on this new Aerospace Ecosystem, therefore he celebrated the existence of this type of initiatives.


“For several years now, Grupo SSC has had a technical collaboration on the design of conceptual models for the development of the aircraft, with technological tooling, training and CAD and simulation advisory, with CATIA and ANSYS software respectively,” he detailed.


He explained that this project goes towards emerging from a company incubated inside the CENTA in Queretaro and have a venue where they could have an aircraft and build the first airplanes.


“A fundamental point for this company to announce they will be located at the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, was that in addition of identifying the technical needs of this company, they also identified their business needs,” he noted.


Balderas added that as member of the Council for Investments Attraction of the State of Guanajuato, was managed that IK Aerospace Group turned and see the state of Guanajuato as an ally where they will find investors and professionals as well as the support of the municipal and state government.


The aircraft will receive the support of engineers from the Universidad Aeronautica de Queretaro (UNAQ,) the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) and from the Universidad Politecnica de Guanajuato.


“The last aircrafts developed in Mexico date from 1940 and since then there was no culture or aeronautical awareness.  And the idea is that with these aircrafts it is awaken,” he explained.


He added that the corresponding investment for the Aerospace Ecosystem, it is a project that not only will observe the manufacturing of aircrafts, but also the promotion of the industry in the State and the region, as he anticipated it will have a Training School, School Airplanes Maintenance and Air Pilots, which will generate the attraction of more companies related with the aeronautical sector.