The Italian company Enel Green Power formally opened the Photovoltaic Solar Park Don Jose, in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, with a investment of 200 million dollars.


The plant started its total production five months ahead of schedule, with which is sought to consolidate the state of Guanajuato as leading receptor of alternative energy generating companies in the Bajio region.


In an interview, Paolo Romanacci, general director of Enel Mexico and Central America announced that this is the fifth renewable energy plant launched by Enel Green Power company globally in 2018.


“This Park is the largest in the State and one of the main ones in the Country, with this project, Guanajuato consolidates as leading receptor of alternative energy generating companies in the Bajio,” he said.


He said that this plant generates 238 mega volt Amp of energy (MVA’s,) it has 807,091 solar panels installed in an extension of 1,300 hectares – which equals one and a half times the Chapultepec Park.


20 jobs were generated: 10 onsite and 10 in the management area, in addition of 750 during its construction.


“The functioning of the Park works with total safety and effectiveness standards which in little time will transcend in energy facilitation,” he said.  This Photovoltaic Park will have a solar energy production to provide the consumption of 150 thousand homes in Mexico, becoming the second most important project in the country in solar energy generation and the number fifteen worldwide.


Among the reasons why the company decided to invest in Guanajuato and especially in San Luis de la Paz, Paolo Romanacci said that it was the good solar radiation and Guanajuato’s location, therefore he did not discarded the possibility of creating new plants in the State.


Meanwhile, Saverio Pidala, project leader in Mexico and Central America, explained that for the beginning of operations of this Park on February 2018, there was the participation of different local companies as well as foreign for the installation and construction of it.


He underlined that this project resulted the winner of the bidding for third time and is the second Park generated after the Energy Reform and the twelfth development from Enel Green Power in the Country.


He anticipated that Enel Mexico is planning to build a Wind power Energy Park with capacity of 600 megawatts for next year.


The company has developed projects in 34 countries among them Spain, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Panama.  From now to September, it is anticipated that the plant will be growing 10 % with the installation of panels; therefore the final investment will be of 241 million dollars.


Currently they have more than one thousand facilities in 24 countries and they are leaders in the sector by generating 36 million megawatts-hour from water, sun, wind and earth heat.


Enel Greem Power Mexico is the main operator of clean energies in the country, and has six wind power centrals in operation, three hydroelectric, three solar plants and two of wind power; among its main customers in Mexico are Nestle, Femsa, GM, John Deere and Bosch, among others.