Aiming to expand its operations from Guanajuato to a greater number of customers, the automotive company Omron Automotive Electronics de Mexico opens its regional sales venue in the city of Leon.


Regarding this, Mauricio Blanc Suarez, general manager of Omron Latinoamerica, explained that it is about corporate offices and a Concepts Testing center, in which customers with an application and wishing to test it before implementing it inside their plant can do this at this center.


“We have several applications engineers that will review and bring the customer’s components and testing them to see the correct functioning of the technology, for then implement it in their plant, that is the main objective,” he detailed.


He said that the state of Guanajuato and the Bajio region is fundamental in Omron’s strategy, which is the manufacturing industry, therefore this center intends to include States such as: Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato.


“The geographic center that Leon is giving us was what made us take the decision of establishing the office here.  The customer could reduce implementation times in its factory, as when they buy a technology and do not know it or test it, time will be longer; coming here to do concept testing provides them with the guarantee of that it will work and reduce their times in order for line shutdowns be lesser, restarting production quicker when it comes to improvement projects,” he explained.


At these offices there will have industrial automation products and a catalogue of more than 200 thousand products, being the only company offering a complete automation solution.


It has several areas such as entrance area, which are sensors, vision cameras and safety devices; a processing area, which are programmable controllers and with artificial intelligence; outflows area, the actions that can be taken in production such as stopping an engine, start an engine, moving a piece, etc.; fixed robots area for assembly, placement of pieces, rejections and mobile robots to move pieces inside a plant; and finally the safety area, which refers to the interaction of operators with technology without accidents.

The subject of Technological Innovation started when Omron invented the first proximity sensor, followed by the first tourniquet for subway and trains stations, first blood pressure monitor, and visual recognition systems in thousands of devices.


It is recognized for being one of the 300 companies that has more patents worldwide.  Regarding Omron business divisions in Mexico, there are three lines: automotive division, health care division and industrial automotive division.


In this sales office – that belongs to the industrial automation division – gives rise to innovation, with the launching of the Sysmac platform, which allows programing devices, being the first company in launching a programmable controller with artificial intelligence and other innovations.


In that sense, in technology terms they manage the Input Logic Output Robots and Safety, based in the strategy the company has defined as the three I: Innovation, Intelligence and Interactivity, addressing issues from Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things.