With an investment of 34 million of dollars in the first stage and the generation of 118 direct jobs, the Japanese company NSK Warner Mexico started operations on its new plant located in Guanajuato Puerto Interior.


This factory is dedicated to the production of clutches for the automotive sector and emerges as an investment that responds to the needs of the industry, as the first one which was NSK Bearings, is in charge of elaborating bearings and it complements with this second investment.


Regarding this, Sakae Kuwashiro, president of NKS-Warner KK, said that this will be a first level production plant in North America; therefore, after two years of projecting this investment, it will contribute to the economic development of Silao and the state of Guanajuato.


“We thank the Governor for his support and all the officials that were involved.  We produce bearings for automobiles and applications for automatic transmissions, we have great influence among our customers because we have forefront technology, he said.


Likewise, Shigeyuki Suzuki, executive president of NKS Ltd., explained that with these companies is complemented the supply and supply chain for the automotive industry and said he was confident on that their customers answer will be favorable.


NSK was founded in 1916 as one of the first companies of transmissions manufacture, it is one of the largest manufacturing companies of this kind in Japan and it is a great competitor worldwide.  In addition, it is a supplier of a great number of products for automotive companies in the area.


The plant installed in Mexico is the newest in the NSK Warner family; it was settled in response to the growing demand of auto-parts in the country and to increase the customers’ satisfaction through prices competitiveness.


NSK Warner will use last technology equipment operated by Guanajuato specialists to keep expectations and customers’ demands internationally.


It is estimated the plant will start operations in July 2018 and are expected annual sales by 120 million dollars.


In addition, he announced that Mexico has a closer relation with Japan, which started in 1909, and that thanks to the economic alliances formulated in 2005, the economic relation with Japan has increased.


In Mexico, NSK has plants in Irapuato, Guadalajara, Ciudad Juarez, San Luis Potosi and Ramos Arizpe had customers as Honda and Toyota.


This company manufactures products for fuel combustion vehicles as well as for hybrids.


Martin Fischer, president and general manager of BorgWarner, noted that it is important to establish strategic alliances aimed to favor the market and potential customers.


Therefore, he endorsed the commitment and collaboration of BorgWarner towards NKS.


“With this new NSK Warner team I am sure we will be working hard and together for many more years to improve the product and expand our customers’ line,” he said.


Kayajo Furukawa, first consul of Japan in Mexico, confirmed his thankfulness to the Guanajuato Government for their help and attention to Japanese companies.


“Today, many Japanese living here enjoy the peaceful environment and are well integrated in Guanajuato, thanks to the warmth attention of the Mexican community,” he ended.