Mexico will be showing its industrial potential at the Hannover Messe 2018 fair, its strengths in industry 4.0 and that it is an advanced manufacturing power, assured Sergio Rios, coordinator of the regional Centro Occidente of ProMexico.


He revealed that more than 80 Mexican companies representative of 20 States of the Mexican Republic have already confirmed their participation.  From them, five are from Guanajuato, six from Aguascalientes, eight from Jalisco and two from San Luis Potosi.


He detailed that around 30 companies will be in the area of industry 4.0, other 30 in industrial development, 20 in research and development, six in logistics and six in energy.


“ProMexico is working to seek in detail the companies that could be combined with what is going to be exhibited at the fair,” he commented.


From April 23rd to 27th, Mexico will participate in the Hannover Messe 2018 fair, becoming the first Latin American country in being invited to the most important industrial event worldwide.


“We will be showing the image of the new Mexico, the one immersed in industry 4.0, the one having high added value products and of a forefront country,” he assured.


The regional coordinator of the Centro Occidente ProMexico added that Mexico will be promoted as a reliable destination for the arrival of investments and those business opportunities for Mexican companies will be promoted.


The areas in which Mexican companies will be participating are research, development and technology transfer; digital factories; industrial automation; movement, actuation and automation; energy and efficiency; industrial supply; and compression and vacuum.


He specified that ProMexico will be in charge of the main pavilion, of INADEM which will be focused in startups, the Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce from the Industry 4.0 and the CONACYT from research and development.


“In the startups pavilion there will be 10 spaces, in industry 4.0 will be 25, in the national, 25 spaces (State Government and Business Chambers,) in the one of industrial development there will be 25 places, in research and development will be 20, energy will have 9 spaces and for part of CEMAT will be six spaces.” 


Explained that in the main pavilion of ProMexico will be present more representatives from the State Governments and National Chambers.


In addition, mentioned that different German companies with operations in Mexico will take important groups of Mexican suppliers for them to make services and products known that they can offer.



With the participation of Mexico in Hannover Messe is intended that Mexican companies will be seeking technology, to supply technology to the international industry and that German companies that are seeking opportunities to invest in Mexico have the possibility of knowing their characteristics.


According with Sergio Rios, in a Harvard study was positioned in Mexico with economy number 22 worldwide regarding highly sophisticated products exportation.


Referred that Mexico stands out in sectors such as the automotive, auto-parts, aerospace, electronics, among others.


He said that Mexico is not seen any more as a pure manufacturing center, but as a mindwork place and that is one of the reasons why Mexico is the invited country to Hannover Messe.


“Many companies are reconverting their investments in Mexico when passing from a manufacturing to research and development centers,” he concluded.




  1. Human talent
  2. Power in advanced manufacturing
  3. Highly sophisticated economy
  4. Investment growth of the automotive and aerospace sector
  5. Startups increase with a very important technological base