With the launch of the Tandem Press, Martinrea positions as the second printing company in North America

With an investment of 35 million dollars, Martinrea expanded its auto body parts plant with the installation of a Tandem stamping line in Guanajuato Inland Port.


With this investment and the creation of more than 30 jobs, the Canadian company is positioned as the second stamper in North America and confirms its commitment to the Guanajuato industry.


Joe Grunstein, general manager of Martinrea, commented that this press line is the first that is installed in the country, with which they aim to position themselves in the sector and become the main supplier of its clients such as General Motors, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Toyota.


This production area has a line of five presses with capacity for 5,900 tons, and is automated by robots for the manufacture of stamped parts of chassis.


“This expansion gives us the opportunity that in our future we will be better every day and increase the generation of jobs. It is an investment with the latest technology and flexibility that elevates us above our competition.”



Currently, Martinrea has 10 auto parts plants installed in the country. In 2012, this company arrived in Guanajuato Inland Port, the next year made its first expansion and this year the third expansion was opened, completing more than 30 thousand square meters of manufacturing space.


This plant has achieved growth for the last five years and continues its success with this new expansion, said Joe Grunstein, general manager of Martinrea, adding that everyone working at this plant will have the opportunity to collaborate on the new line of presses.


During the event, awards were given for the installation of the Tandem press to Daniel Rodriguez Fregoso, Gustavo Gomez Murallana, Juan Fernando Rojas, Alejandro Diaz Padilla, Mendez and Francisco Reyna Rivera.


In his speech, Miguel Marquez Marquez, the governor of the state of Guanajuato, said that Martinrea is a company that in 2011 came as one of those who bet and trusted in Guanajuato and currently is supplied by suppliers in the region.





The Tandem press means a new concept for the transfer of large formats of complex geometry in press lines, examples of which are the sides of the vehicle, hoods, ceilings and double doors.



With this machinery the performance in the lines of large mechanical presses or assembly press (servopress) transferred with robots, will provide extreme versatility and high productivity.



The new working system allows the presses to work continuously, reducing the space occupied in the plant, the maintenance of the same and allowing the robots to follow the movement of the presses automatically, even when the line increases or reduces its speed.



This simplifies the preparation of the automation and allows the line to adapt to the needs of the dies optimizing the installation in a faster and simpler way.