In the Bajio area, Guanajuato represents 56 % of the construction rate, followed by San Luis Potosi with 19 %, Queretaro 17 % and Aguascalientes ended the fourth trimester of 2018 with an 8 percent.


Karina Contreras, director of the Bajio area of CBRE Mexico, said that during the last quarter of last year there were about new 200,000 m2, 42 % more compared with the same period 2017.


That is why 2018 ended with an accumulate of new 880,000 m2 in 67 industrial spaces incorporated to the Bajio, from which 30 were in Guanajuato, 22 in Queretaro, 10 in San Luis Potosi and 5 in Aguascalientes.


He underlined that Guanajuato was the Bajio entity that had a sustained growth, because its inventory grew 7 % regarding the fourth quarter of 2017.


This region stood out for having a higher number of projects being built 23 in total, from which 13 are BTS and are mainly located on the municipalities of Apaseo el Grande and Leon.


Regarding the industrial inventory, the Bajio region had an increase of 7 % in the last trimester last year, percentage equivalent to almost 800,000 additional square meters; likely highlighting Guanajuato as it is the second entity that contributed the most with 8 industrial buildings available which represent 34 % of the new offer in the region with 68,000 m2.


Currently, the State has 4.41 million m2 of inventory in the Bajio Area, having 248,924 m2 of vacancies that represent a 5.7 percent rate.


CBRE Mexico underlined that this part of the country, unlike the Central area, has a wide growing potential, due to there is land available for the development of industrial projects, in addition of the Bajio States have an infrastructure in communication means that generate a boom of the industrial sector, reason why they attract customers interested in expanding.


According to information from the Ministry of Economic Development in the state of Guanajuato, there were 38 projects in 2018 with an investment of 999 million dollars and 14,652 committed jobs.


The three companies that fulfilled investments higher than 100 million dollars were Pirelli, with an investment of 200 million dollars opened a new plant in Guanajuato Inland Port in the municipality of Silao; the German company Bosch announced the opening of their 12th plant in the country, with an investment of 120 million dollars; and on third place, the German company Mubea, which settled a plant in Apaseo el Grande, where they manufacture anti-roll bars, metallic piping and other chassis components with an investment of 112 million dollars.


They are followed by companies such as Castel Argenta, CIE, Martin Rea, ZKW, Kamax, Xtra Congelados, Microonda, Garay, K-Tech, Avoir, among others.