Aiming to introduce the economic potential and the existing challenges when entering Industry 4.0; KIT Hub presented businessmen of the area the conference “Challenges and Opportunities for Guanajuato in the Industry 4.0.”

German Bonilla Bermudez, a partner of KIT Hub, said during his conference which have been the strategies Germany has fulfilled to enter the Industry 4.0 Platform successfully, where it achieved working groups among the industry, science, politics, and society, to be one of the countries standing out in digital transformation.

“The implementation of technology in the development and manufacturing of products is a key challenge for companies in Mexico.  And the successful design of this Industrial Revolution is one of the most important requirements to keep region competitiveness,” he said.

Another challenge presented was the decoupling of the economic growth of resource consumption, which only can be achieved through the use of new natural resources in companies.

Bonilla Bermudez explained that the Internet of Things has global economic potential in factories from operations management, in cities to improve public safety and health, in society for disease monitoring and wellbeing improvement, in logistics, working places, vehicles, homes, among others.

“Industry 4.0 can improve quality in all areas, there is higher flexibility, high productivity, development standardization, products can be introduced faster into the market, global competition is generated, what gives good opportunities in the market,” he explained.

He reasserted that in order to begin the introduction of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing companies, a holistic transformation approach is required: resources, organizational structure, culture and information systems; that allow a maturity level inside this Industrial Revolution.

He noted that KIT Hub is currently inside a Cycle of Implementation and Operation together with Business Chambers and with the State Government, to implement strategies that support Guanajuato companies in digital transformation, which goes from reporting, demonstrate success cases in the country, qualify, design a route map for the creation of strategies and implementation of development plans, in order to direct companies toward this change.  

KIT Hub is a Technology Transference Office (TTO) specialized in industry 4.0, reason why it is recognized by the Ministry of Economy and CONACYT.