With an investment of 40 million dollars and the generation of 250 direct jobs, the auto-parts Japanese company MINO Industry Mexico, started operations in Guanajuato, at the Colinas de Leon Industrial Park.


Jun Sugimoto, president of MINO Industry Co., underlined that the development of the automotive sector in Guanajuato, allows this Japanese company serving its customers and global market directly.


On his speech he thanked the opening and easiness for this plant industry and assured that there is enough capability regarding personnel as well as in finding more customers, in addition he highlighted the connectivity of the State and the existing opening on new technologies.


Ichiro Yamasaki, president of Mino Industry Mexico, said on his speech that the company aspires to become a Japanese – Mexican company.


As it is the first plant in Mexico this Japanese company, dedicated to molded aluminum pieces manufacturing for the automotive industry, will be also in charge of the design, production, assembly and sale of building materials.


Among its main customers are Toyota y Honda, Denso, Asmo, NSK, Mitsubishi and Subaru.


In addition this company also supplies components through a third party to companies such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, Ford and Mercedes Benz.


This plant manufactures aluminum auto-parts such as alternators, camera frame special for automobiles, hydraulic steering and frame for automobile computer.  It will be starting operations in Mexico with aluminum alternators.


Ramon Alfaro Gomez, director of Economy in Leon, mentioned that currently, the city of Leon together with the state of Guanajuato are having an important scenario development with the arrival of companies, especially the ones related with the automotive area.


“In Guanajuato we can find a great variety of Japanese companies and from other nations and with the support of the Government, there will be more arriving, and MINO Industry will be developing with this city,” he ended.


On its intervention, Miguel Marquez Marquez, governor of Guanajuato, assured that in the State certainty is provided to companies’ investments for the development of products and for serving the markets.


“We have the industrial parks in the different cardinal directions of the city, this allows the investment arriving and the displacement of human capital be suitable, bringing job opportunities closer to where they are needed the most,” he explained.


Osamu Houkida,  Japan general consul in Leon, announced that companies continue choosing Guanajuato as the main commercial and investment destination, as he assured that more Japanese companies have showed their interest to settle in that region.


“Since 2011 there is a Japanese capital company’s trend of choosing Guanajuato to settle, the installation of companies from Japan increases every year and nothing has stopped the investment from this country.”