As of the experience obtained where Guanajuato has stood out as a state where investment and investments attraction has a trend to the growth, is how it was planned this was reflected in the entire State and in all locations nearby big investments.


There are two important referents in Guanajuato, the arrival of General Motors and Silao as the first GDP producer in the State; as second reference is the GIP project where close locations continue being behind, that is why that through investments attraction in the Laja-Bajio region was settled that after the arrival of Toyota a central axis, urban and of infrastructures will consolidate, which will cover Apaseo el Grande and Celaya, as well as their nearby communities.


Thereon, Ana Carmen Aguilar Higareda, coordinator of Urban Development Policies and Ecologic Territorial Regulation from the Institute for Planning, Statistics and Geography of Guanajuato (IPLANEG, by its Spanish Initials,) explained that by taking advantage of Toyota’s arrival, a research work was done aimed to structure a development model in the nearby area where it will be settled and with that, use that benefit.


The project is a planning instrument where there was the work of a comprehensive diagnosis from the State Government as well as of Municipalities, as well as of inhabitants of the area, through Foros Ciudad.




As of this research, nine strategic projects were developed regionally metropolitan, the first one is in function of a reforestation program, as this proximity and connectivity in the region is through natural elements, the second one is about preserving natural and ecological conditions the area has.


The third has to do with agricultural activity in the State, making synergy between the industry and respect to those agricultural areas.


The fourth project observes an ecobulevar, which is the existing connectivity from Queretaro to the metropolitan area of Celaya, thus it should fulfill certain conditions in common localization and through mixed uses such as viability.  For that it will be determined what would be the Gran Libramiento (deliverance,) by using the existing connectivity between Queretaro and Palmillas, providing continuity for it not going through those settlements, as ninth project there will be the use of the railroad network for heavy load transportation, as part of the strategic structure Guanajuato has.


Around Ecociudad del Bajio will be settled a Lineal City as the eighth Project, a system of locations and road connectivity, in addition of different activities that could be used in this region.


“They have to do with this exchange among all these big poles we are going through,” said Ana Carmen Aguilar.


And finally connectivity is visualized towards Celaya area as a Technological Arch, where this entire partial program being visualized, must be aligned to this metropolitan area project.