Faurecia has stood out as an important player in the automotive industry in Guanajuato, for implementing a network of innovation and design in its products.


This company was established in 2008 in its plant located in Silao, Guanajuato; in its beginnings was built on an area of 10 thousand m2, and by 2012 increased to twice the size of its factory, which currently employs 510 employees.


With the fruits of this company, it was awarded recognition as the plant with the greatest improvement in North America.


Since its arrival in Guanajuato, it has served clients such as Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan and Hyundai, and to meet the needs of these companies, it carries out internal projects to achieve the objective.


Eduardo Pablo Hernandez Gutierrez, general manager of the plant, commented that recently to the buyers’ portfolio was added KIA Motors and with these projects they now have with the Korean shipyard, they added to its plant 1,000 m2.


“We are in an interesting phase here; we are rearranging our entire infrastructure to have a better development in our processes.”


Innovating in products for their customers

Although the company has its development center in Columbus, Indiana; the Silao plant identifies opportunities for changes in products and materials.


Each week they hold a meeting called Internal Productivity, where they analyze how to improve components, materials, logistics routes, productivity, among other things.


With this, they managed to innovate in the development of an adaptive valve, a project developed for General Motors; in addition, it will also be offered to Chrysler and Ford.  For this project were recognized worldwide in the PACE Awards.


This plant is in the emissions division, in which they manufacture catalytic converters, silencers, resonators, exhaust system; that 40 % of the production is sent to the United States, while the rest remains in the national market.


He explained that to manufacture them they go through several phases; the first process is where raw material is folded according to the product to be made.


Within the manufacturing band they have the station where the cans are made, which is an enclosure that has the catalytic converter.


Afterwards the materials arrive at the subassembly and canned, which is where they introduce the substrates that compose the converter, so that finally they are packed and sent to the assigned destination.


Provide quality work opportunities

Faurecia Silao is very focused on developing the technical skills of the staff, with the aim of improving their skills, so they can solve problems and at the same time work as a team.


They are also part of the “Training Without Borders” program, which each year locates the internal talent to increase their skills in the industry, training them in the plant and in some of the manufactures in Canada and the United States.


In the first generation they were able to train eight engineers, and this year seven employees are being trained.


“This program allows us to nurture a certain number of our employees with the potential of development and growth so that in the future they will be the managers of this organization.”


In addition, for Faurecia social inclusion is very important, because they have several employees who are disabled and who provide their talent for the development of it.


“They give us life lessons, they make us see that the limitations we have are not important. That is what we remark and that has helped in the implementation of values within Faurecia.”




Name of the company: Faurecia

Sector: Automotive

Start of operations: 1997

Number of workers: 510

Capital: French

Product: Catalytic converter and the muffler or exhaust system that goes in the chassis part