Aiming to prepare young people and train them for work, Juan Carlos Lopez Ro-driguez, general director of the State Training Institute (IECA, by its Spanish ini-tials,) said that a pilot program was held called Jovenes con Rumbo (Youngsters on Track) program Segunda Oportunidad (Second Chance.)

He explained that it is a program encouraged by YouthBuild Mexico organization, in coordination with state government offices, the Universidad de la Salle Bajio and entrepreneurs, from which 123 youngsters graduated.

“At the beginning more high schools will be opened in IECA and the collaboration of the institute with the remaining high schools because there are 600 thousand youngsters that are waiting for a second opportunity,” he said.

He considered that this model was created in Guanajuato to face the educational time lag of disadvantaged youngsters, being the first state starting this program which has as an objective to develop social emotional skills of young people train-ing them for work aiming to allow them introduce into a job and improve their life conditions.

The pilot program started in the communities of San Juan de Abajo, Las Hilamas, Ermita, La Soledad de las Joyas and Los Castillos, considered as high marginabil-ity in the municipality.

“We had a terminal efficiency of 81 %, after 152 youngsters that started 123 grad-uated who were 18 to 29 years old.  Youngsters were five days a week for five hours daily in public facilities or private institutions.  It was an on-site program and not on distance, and this allowed us to set concrete realities to interested ones,” he explained.

The training was given to youngsters through IECA in basic hygiene and safety courses, computing, labor resources, as well as technical courses, in addition of advisory from some companies to teach courses in production processes supervi-sion, sales, administration, , and logistics.