Products Honda HR-V and Honda Fit 2019 will be offered to the market, after the damages generated from the flood produced on past July which included most of the plant located in Celaya, reaching 60 centimeters of height in different areas.

Regarding this, Jesus Baez, vice-president of manufacturing at Honda Mexico, said that production, commitments with suppliers and different dealers to supply the new models, were under control, taking into account that the inventory covered the days they were out of operations at the Honda Celaya Plant.  “This atypical rain in the area caused this complex to be flooded almost entirely, therefore, for everyone’s safety and the lack of operativity in many systems, the decision was made of stopping labor, with pay,” he said.

He remembered that it was a difficult decision, as Honda has 20 years without stopping production.

Baez said that one of the biggest damages to equipment was to electronic components, as well as mechanical and hydraulic which have been repaired.

He noted that the Transmissions plant, for example, reactivated its operations since June 9th, this depended on the magnitude of facts, regarding the other areas of the company.  Within this reactivation, changes were made in some new equipment.

Likewise, Hiroshi Shimizu, president of Honda de Mexico, said that the transmission plant is operating since November 15th, continuing with the automobiles such as Honda HR.

“During this event, a group of experts from Honda was brought aiming to assess the situation and maybe seek a quick repair, since this Celaya plant has most of the production of Honda world network,” he said.

He explained that dealers of the country will have the Honda HR-V and Fit 2019 models again, same that were waiting for four months.  Emphasized that both products have quality and safety measures established in Honda globally.

“We know the confidence our customers have in Honda products and for us is fundamental to be sure that quality is not compromised neither the safety of vehicles that get out from the production line,” he said.

Given this, the assembly plant, engines, transmissions, test track and park and warehouse areas are operating normally.

He detailed that the total loss was estimated in 365 billion dollars, with 2,780 vehicles damaged which will be destroyed completely according to Honda standards.  The materials that can be reused will be reincorporated to the corresponding production line.

Both directives explained that the losses resulted from this closure are assumed by the company and will not impact the prices of vehicles.

As a preventive measure for this kind of situations they mentioned that a water curtain will be placed that will be connected to the SCT channel and the Laja river, which will avoid the water level increase.

Currently, the Honda Plant in Celaya produces 720 units per day in two shifts, from which, 540 are of the model HR-V and the rest Fit, for the local and export market.