With a 4 million dollars investment, Foams Creations, Italian company that belongs to Grupo Industrial Finproject, opened its new plant in Mexico located at Stiva Industrial Park in Leon, Guanajuato.

This plant will be machining to Crocs company, as well as to other Mexican footwear factories, American and of South America.

Maurizio Vecchiola, president and CEO of Findporject, announced that this investment represents the vertical integration of the company applied to emerging markets, being this, a strategic factor for company’s growth.  “We would like to continue investing to be leaders in technical innovation and materials, in addition of being recognized as added value holders,” he asserted.

Likewise, he said that this investment shows the competitive value in terms of innovation provided by XL-Extralight, ultra-light material considered successful base of products such as CROCs and O Bag.  Detailed that this material is known worldwide for being ultra-light and base of globally successful products.

Foam Creations Mexico new plant will implement research, development and incorporation of high technology products for footwear and other industrial segments, additionally it represents the strengthening of their presence in Mexico, where they started by the end of 2010 with a small production company.

“With this action, the plant sets the strategic path of its international growth, which highlights the Italian method through a business model where vertically integrated production units are developed to win markets where products have good acceptance,” he said.

Foam Creations Mexico is located in Parque Stiva, it has a property land surface of 15,000 square meters with an expansion plan of 5,000 square additional meters.  It has a capability to generate 480 jobs.

It is equipped with 10 production machines for soles and shoes machining, under XL – Extralight brands and five machines designed for the production of objects and technical devices that have meant the success of the Italian company worldwide.  In a separate area of the plant were held two production lines dedicated to self-consumption.

The plant will serve Crocs and different footwear factories located in Mexico and the United States; in addition of being a focal point for supplying South America, research and test laboratories will be in close contact with Foam Creations Canada, division dedicated to XL-Extralight material study and development with high standards quality and skills to answer to business needs with high world quality.