The In-Bond Facility of Guanajuato Customs operated by GTO Logistics Center, started operation to receive and fulfill services of international and national cargo to comply with the expectations in time and quality.


Last December 11th, GTO Logistics Center received the final authorization from the Tax Administration Service (SAT, by its Spanish initials) to operate the In-Bond Facility number 265, after having developed the project during 2017.  Regarding this Enrique Valle, general director of GTO Logistics Center, informed that the importance this center has in the Bajio has great importance for foreign trade activities of the region, as it includes a wide extension of property, an infrastructure and service of this kind was necessary to satisfy the demand of import and export offices.


“Usually this community was supported by customs were usually they receive the merchandise such as ports, borders and the most important airports, with the arrival of this facility, companies may dispatch their merchandise its merchandises for the import and export inside their same customs, this brings advantages regarding costs and times.”


The facility is located in an area of 30,000 m2, the first stage has 18,000 m2 and it is anticipated a second stage of expansion in the remaining land of almost 12,300 m2, where an area will be working as Strategic In-Bond Facility, a SAT customs figure with facilities for the merchandise internment and its exit from the country once they are transformed.


“The idea is to activate the customs operations settled in Guanajuato; we are working together with Guanajuato Inland Port and with the different universities that have turned and see the project as a great opportunity to develop employment, business careers and commerce.”


One of the main objectives is to announce to the entire community that the facility has started operations and those companies from nearby States such as San Luis Potosi, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, and Jalisco can join as well as other companies that take the In-Bond Facility as an option to fulfill their operations faster.



The GTO Logistics Center In-Bond Facility will have the faculty of storing and receiving merchandise before the customs, with the purpose of awaking the interest of the airlines and logistics operators from other transportation modalities such as railroad, intermodal, terrestrial and maritime, to fulfill operations of import and export dispatch by the In-Bond Facility of customs.


In addition, it will encourage the Internal Transit, a scheme facilitated by the SAT to the companies to move their import products until their destination point, going through the local customs avoiding fulfilling the respective reviews in the internation customs either border or maritime.


It has a 6,000 m2 warehouse, a refrigerated area of 500 m2, high value area, previous and added value area, hazardous merchandise area, human remains and live animals, as well as an area of packaging companies.


“In addition we offer labeling, packaging, visual or quality inspection services; with this we avoid that companies place these services in third hands and they could fulfill them in the same facility where their dispatch processes are developed.”



As short term projects, Enrique Valle said that there is the negotiation with UPS, Fedex, and Estafeta for them to have a space to perform their operations inside the facility.


In addition of certifying the In-Bond Facility as Authorized Economic Operator (OEA, by its Spanish initials,) tools that seeks monitoring the safety standards and at the same time facilitate foreign trade operations from customs authority.