After the development of the aerospace industry in the country and specially in certain States with automotive DNA, as in Guanajuato, companies dedicated to the development of technologies and innovation have betted on industry diversification, such is the case of Optimen in the state of Guanajuato.


This company from Guanajuato opened the Innovation Hub in the city of Leon, which has the function of creating a center where youngsters and local talent can draw new ideas and substantially implement them in different prototypes.


Recently, some systems were begin to be developed focused on the aeronautic industry, one of the main projects that was born there is a software which is currently in prototype and which by the end of April will began production on a Mexican airline.


Regarding this, Oscar Rodriguez, director of Optimen, said that the main thing is be able to promote creativity and generate a consolidated center to innovate in different products and services.


He announced that several projects are still in progress which will be introduced little by little, but with the Innovation Hub, a new physical space will be consolidated where Optimen talent will be more creative in using new technologies.


“From the needs we see every day, since as industry suppliers we are directly related specially with airlines control lines in Latin America, then when we are there we see there are opportunity areas such as improve certain niches, which are not attacked, then we bring those needs, map them with the equipment and at the Innovation Center we want to see how to attack and think outside of the box to make it different, but by using new technologies,” he explained.


Optimen is currently working with Interjet, Volaris, Avianca, Gol and Latam, the main customer is Boeing and with that they include other customers.  Therefore, the products and services are already being developed in certain spaces; however, the main objective is to innovate at state level.


“We would like to be an innovation cell, not so much in development, where new projects can be fulfilled and put them on the market, see if it can be tested and get back to see if there is something that works or not, we have to be agile at the moment of attacking the market and with the outgoing technologies, the technological development we have is very dynamic,” he said.


Optimen has registered a growth of 30 % annually in the last three years, which has been constant, therefore, he referred that they will grow in a more orderly manner and with specific objectives such as the Innovation Hub, which is the watershed and the physical center where they could launch their projects and products.


The professional profiles integrating Optimen are software development engineers, experts in optimization, mechatronic engineers, and design, among others.


“We just settle a distinctive seal to Optimen, we called it Eclosion Dual, I liked this concept because in certain way we have to make our team hatch and emerges from inside, not on an external manner breaking the shell without planning and objective, but from inside because the product survives, transcends and grows.  In a Dual manner because we have two specific profiles, one is the software development part and the other is the one of experience, as we have talent with more than 35 years of experience in aeronautics participating in the company,” he noted.