Steel industrials generated commercial relations and obtained tools to improve the sector during the first edition of ExpoAcero, organized by the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) Chapter Mexico.

In this Steel Congress and Exhibition participated 50 exhibitors and about 400 attendees, who learned about technological developments for this area and also participated in lectures about the introduction of this material in different industries, as well as more technical aspects in the use, treatment, and metallurgic trends.

Francisco de los Santos, president of the organizer committee of ExpoAcero, said that during this exhibition was promoted the interaction between manufacturers and the main actors in areas focused on steel, in order to share experiences, problems and potential solutions that industries require to be more efficient.

“With this event, we would like to be the conduit so that the entire development of steel manufacturing can be shared with its users, in such manner that all that knowledge could be used,” he said.

He noted that before the economic knowledge Guanajuato has brought in the last years, they chose to celebrate the event in this entity to mainly gather the automotive sector, of home appliances and metal-mechanic.

Guanajuato and the entire Bajio Area has been very important for the country’s development, there has been an important transformation of steel and we know that there is a lot of movement of this material in this area,” he underlined.

Froylan Salas Navarro, undersecretary for the development of MSMEs from the Guanajuato State Government, said that according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI, by its Spanish initials) the region has 37 economic units focused on the steel industry, generating a production higher than 11,923,000 million pesos.

Reason why, he considered Guanajuato confirms its commitment to continue betting on and developing this industry, and with the approach of AIST Mexico to the entity, higher synergy could be created to achieve this objective.

“The strategy is simple because it is essential to integrate the entire region Bajio-Occidente as the consolidated platform in the interior market, the development of supply is important to promote this mission.  And we are pretty sure that with this forum companies could create important business relations to use opportunities and make country’s economy grow,” he explained.