Complementos HVAC held a showroom in Leon where they presented the entire range of products they offer regarding conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, heating for residential customers, commercial and industrials.
Regarding, Israel Arceo, representative of Complementos HVAC, explained that it was thanks to the confidence from recognized brands nationally and internationally such as Ferrari, who is part of grupo Soler & Palau, number one business nationally regarding to vent systems and equipment; as well as the company Clima Flex that will supply a wide range of products such as: mini chiller equipment from 2.5 to 25 TR, as well as air management units of BERLINER LUFT units.

He said these institutions are the first ones in the country, seeing as strategic point in the city of Leon, Guanajuato, to include more market mainly industrial and of services, as those are fields where more sale potential is seen due to the economic growth in the State.
“We would like to encourage brand broadcasting even more in this region, which includes states as Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes and Guanajuato, we believe it is rich area regarding economic and industrial growth and that is why we settle in the area on a strategic manner,” he said.

After two years of being settled in Leon, Guanajuato, they have recorded growth above 50 %, therefore they are waiting to rebound sales in upcoming years, as they have contacted with recognized customers in the area with those adapting their services, according to plans and projects they are willing to reach.


80 percent of products are focused in satisfying the needs of the industry, such as in the installation and conditioning of industrial buildings, even providing services in some specific processes such as food, automotive, textile industries and services.
“As pioneers in this branch have had good acceptance thanks to the adoption of new cultures such as “Clean Industry” in companies established in any branch of the industry of goods and services, in addition of seeing in Leon a central point to expand new investments,” he added.

Among the services Complementos HVAC provides are: cleaning evaporators of hull and tube, maintenance of air conditioning, filtration systems, pipeline cleaners, execution of projects for each industry and design of specific projects.
Among their main customers are ITT Engeniere, Togerpol Industrial Mexico e YKK, Beiersdorf, C&A, CFE, Intermed, Lear Corporation, among others.