With an investment of 4.64 million dollars opened the Corporate Business Center and Marabis Shopping Center, with this Grupo Marabis confirms as the world’s largest infrastructure platform supporting the development of Guanajuato with the creation of spaces that fulfill the standards of investors seeking to settle in the entity.

This center is located in the Castro del Rio Tecnoindustrial Park in construction of 6,394 m2, has 27 commercial premises and four floors of offices where different services will be offered. 

Regarding this, David Pascual Alemany, president of Grupo Marabis, said that this will be a space providing service to all companies in the park, as he said that given the importance of the people continuously visiting the park and for the workers and collaborators’ needs of the same, it was necessary to have an area that will offer different services such as food, banks, spaces to meetings and internal events.

“We are aware that the park has grown much and that is one of the most important in the State; however, we would like for them to feel better in their workspace and with that contribute to a better labor environment,” he noted.


During the event was also announced the expansion of the Castro del Rio Tecnolindustrial Park, on a surface of 170 hectares, with which the park will have an extension of 731 hectares in total, with an investment of 120 million dollars.

Currently, the park has a couple of free lots, therefore, given the expansion announcement of some companies, as well as the planning of more investments in the park, it is necessary to expand the land to serve customers’ needs.

“Many of our tenants no longer fit on their spaces and need space to continue growing, we also needed to expand to continue developing leasing buildings and attracting more investment,” said David Pascual Alemany.

Castro del Rio has six buildings with a total surface of 80 thousand square meters, two additional buildings are being built which add 23 thousand square meters.

“At the moment we have 100 % of occupation and we expect to develop another 100 thousand in the next five years,” he noted.

As part of the contribution and the collaboration between the educational system and the industry, announced an IECA training center will be settled, besides the CONALEP facility, which was a pioneer in the implementation of the dual formation system.

IECA will have a particular vocation, as for years it has been focused on improving the living conditions of the communities close to the industrial park, benefiting about 10 thousand people.

Moreover, a recreational park will be built which will have a soccer field, food area and green area, which will be available for workers in the park and of a nearby community.


In interview, Claudia Avila Conelly, general director of the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP, by its Spanish initials) said about the importance of the creation of these spaces where different companies will settle which do not only collaborate in business and labor sense, but in the creation of an ecosystem that helps to the community development.

“Industrial real estate development is important, as we are the home of the Industry, it is an invitation to consider this sector as an important pillar for the attraction of investments, as years of efforts are invested for companies begin to arrive,” she said.

She highlighted the work of Grupo Marabis as a member of AMPIP for 15 years and recognized the evolution it has had an industrial group to provide a better offer of world-class industrial spaces.

“In AMPIP we promote standards, for example, in sustainability matters of water savings, energy, social responsibilities, infrastructure quality, urbanization standards, among others, and Marabis has always fulfilled with all that, there are 2,500 companies settled inside the parks we represent around the country and we know by Marabis tenants testimonies, they are happy, because the approach is not only leasing an industrial building but provide a friendly environment in all senses,” she explained.

She restated that the creation of additional spaces such as a commercial center and a business center facilitates the life and activity of those working in an industrial park, contributing also to life quality inside the work environment.