Helping and advising local companies to direct themselves toward digital transformation, is one of the objectives CANACINTRA Leon has.

That is why the Business Chamber was introduced into the “Conferences Cycle INDUSTRIE 4.0 Tour,” organized together with the Innovation node Creativika, the General Directorate of Innovation from the municipality of Leon, Novaera ecosystem and the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Higher Education.

Through these lectures, business and government organisms have the mission of supplying more information and support to businessmen for them to start and improve their operations digitalization processes; likewise, they seek to announce the opportunities and challenges they have with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Roberto Gonzalez Martinez, president of CANACINTRA Leon, explained that this type of event generates advantages for the industry since companies achieve understanding the benefits they can have when implementing higher technology on their production and service processes.

“We are going towards a knowledge economy and to be more competitive we have to make organizations and companies be more flexible, innovative and efficient.  This type of action means strategies are being analyzed to achieve this goal,” he said.

He explained to attendees that the global market is demanding more implementation of technology to speed processes, execution of rules for environmental support and development of human talent to direct them towards mindfacture.

“We have to be prepared for companies and the entire productive chain have the highest productivity standards, of development and technology.  Provide the necessary tools to develop talent to have an innovative mindset and that is in everyone’s hands,” he noted.

In this conference cycle were presented “Challenges and Opportunities for Guanajuato in Industry 4.0,” lectured by KIT HUB; “Education 4.0: Qualification and Professional Training for Tomorrow’s Workforce,” which was lectured by FESTO Mexico company; and there were also present SIEMENS PLM Solution Partner with the lecture “Creating Value and Transform Your Company through Digitalization.”

By the end of conferences, the attendees took a moment to participate in a networking session, aimed to create alliances and increase their customers' portfolio.