Guanajuato will have pioneer company on interconnected industry


Bosch leading supplier in technology and global services, is currently building its new plant located in Apaseo el Grande, inside the Chuy Maria Industrial Park, which will begin operating by the end of 2019.


Pedro Tapia, manager of Bosch plant, said that this plant will be exclusively dedicated to the production of electronic components for connected mobility, such as electric control units (ECU.)


In addition, it will implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) which automatically collects data and shares information of production on real time.

“This will make possible the preventive maintenance of the machinery as higher product quality.  The system digitally connects the plant to the global manufacturing network of Grupo Bosch,” he explained.


Moreover, there will be an interconnection with the Logistic Center through tunnels to keep the plant environment free of pollution, dust or any other material.


“It will be an smart plant, completely connected where its employees will have complete and direct connection with the manufacturing process and with its customers, from this point of view we will do as Bosch does in other parts of the world, this will be a Smart plant that includes all systems, machinery and processes,” he noted.


Pedro Tapia emphasized in that the path towards interconnected industry requires perfect synchronization of what is real and the virtual world, as it opens new possibilities for original equipment manufacturers.


Regarding the continuous exchange of data on real time, he added that this will allow Bosch going beyond at high intelligence level, as a way of applying more individualized automation.


He asserted that this plant is classified as the most modern of Grupo Bosch, as they will implement 95 % of all its functions under the Industry 4.0 modality.


It currently has 20 % of progress in construction and for July 2019 will begin the installation of equipment, and later they will fulfill samples and products validation.




There will be 12,000 square meters appointed to the manufacturing area inside the plant which will be equipped with autonomous management mechanisms and an office area, as well as research and testing laboratories.


There are 21,000 square meters that include the construction of the first phase as a whole, in addition of 10,500 square meters that will belong to the Logistics center, adding 31,500 square meters of built surface in total.


An innovative subject regarding the implementation of industry 4.0 in this Bosch plant, will be reflected in the way the cafeteria will operate, as he detailed that it will be controlled in an electronic manner where through personal cellphone, collaborators could review their menu and some payment form in case it is done like that.


“This kind of actions allow a better allocation of resources and a higher efficiency and profitability, some of these technologies have been implemented in other plants, but this will be the first plant in Mexico where we will adapt technological trends to our own operations,” he said.




Due to the increased demand, the second Logistics Center for the company in the country (the first one is located in San Martin de Obispo, Estado de Mexico) will be settled in Bosch Apaseo and will have an area of 10,500 square meters of the total surface.


Juan Altamirano, logistic central director of Bosch, specified that this center will storage raw material for mechanic and electronics, as well as finished products for customers’ distribution, such as Volkswagen, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, among others.


As it is raw material integrated by electronic components, caution must be given with electrostatic conditions, which is why they will implement a last generation transportation band that will take this merchandise from the Logistics Center to the plant in an autonomous manner.

Regarding the mechanic part this will be stored in a dynamic manner, based on frequencies and volumes of customers, therefore storage will not be static, as they will worked based on seasonality and the dynamics found on inventory.


For final delivery, he said that the information will be available online aiming to the customer receiving it.


“It is the first concept of this kind in America, where we will be taking this synergy, because in addition of the raw material and finished product delivery, we will be in charge of the commercialization for products’ delivery, for direct sale, this means, directly to the plant, that does not need a transformation process,” explained Uwe Nierman, responsible of the Logistics Center of Bosch.


He announced that it is another business model that will be implemented in that region and in the country and they expect that it makes echo in the rest of the industry, as it is a new model that will revolutionize and turns trade logistic operations more efficient.


“This business model is something that not only we are implementing, it is something that many other companies are trying to achieve, the commitment is that each new plant settling, has the best technology,” he added.


Juan Altamirano noted that this enables preventive maintenance of machinery as a product of higher quality, as the systems digitally connects the global manufacturing network of Grupo Bosch.


Some of the main customers will have to be OEMs mainly, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, thus different such as Tier 1.


This will be the second plant from the Automotive Electronics division in Mexico after the plant in Ciudad Juarez.




Guanajuato’s workforce has been adapted to the requirements of the industry and regarding Bosch, the workforce required is increasingly qualified, according to Juan Altamirano, logistic central director of Bosch, the conditions to be prepared and specialize even more, are provided by educational institutions, but also by the industry in the State.


“There is talent in Guanajuato to achieve this, there are profiles suitable to what we are looking for despite our process being almost unique in the country; for the kind of work we fulfill in the plant we will require production operators, technicians process engineers, among others,” he detailed.


He explained that to support workforce professionalization, they are sending collaborators for training at the plant located in Ciudad Juarez, they are being training in the areas of processes, production control, inventories management, among others.




General Data


·       Land: 170,000 square meters in total

·       Manufacturing building: 12,000 square meters

·       Logistics building: 10,500 square meters

·       Construction: 1st Phase: 31,500 square meters

·       Investment: 120 million pesos (1st phase)

·       Estimated production: 38 million pieces per year

·       Start of production: February 2020

·       Total associates global level: 16,000