Japanese company from the automotive sector arrives to the Marabis Comonfort Industrial Park, promoting thus supply outside the Guanajuato Industrial Corridor.


Tadayoshi Do, president of AISIN Automotive Guanajuato, announced that as part of AISIN actions in Comonfort, is the one of training more personnel, not only the 180 people that already are working in the company, but the future AISIN workers from communities nearby Comonfort and to the Marabis Industrial Park.


He explained that a first investment of 30 million dollars in this plant installed in Comonfort, which will manufacture sunroof, door handles, among other devices, using different techniques applying forefront technology.


“Grupo AISIN has integrated till today, different equipment to fulfill production activities with forefront technology, adding characteristics of safety and the best competitiveness in the region,” he said.


He added that they will improve workers’ training every day, according to production demands, as the purpose is to consolidate as the best manufacturing company of attracting more customers, among which are General Motors and Toyota.


“In order to reach this dream, with all our current production, we have the constant growth mentality to fulfill the required improvements, it is important that there are minimal things and looking in one direction,” he emphasized.


On the other hand, Yasumori Ihara, president of AISIN Seiki, said that it is important that the efforts from mayors and the State Government are united, aiming to consolidate investments in municipalities where there will not be an industrial encouragement.


“The first foreign plant of the group was founded in Mexico, we have being dedicated to production activities, mainly automotive in this country for almost half century, we started with the business of sewing machines and we have grown until having 5 plants, we diversified and now we are what we are, that is due to everybody’s support and to the search of new opportunities,” he said.


He reasserted that automotive components required by this region will be produced in this plant, closing businesses with international automotive companies; therefore he did not discarded adding more assemblers to their customers’ list.  He remembered that since April 2016 different actions have been done in the community where the company is installed, by offering different trainings and awareness campaigns together with the State and Municipal Government for inhabitants approach and know the wellness offered by the automotive industry to their region.


He remembered that since February this year the first shipment of car door handles was fulfilled, therefore he used the support from workers in the achievement of short term objectives.


This plant will occupy a property land of 20 hectares; the total investment will be of 90 million pesos and 234 jobs by the end of its stages.


AISIN Automotive is one of the largest companies regarding auto-parts, since the machinery used is of forefront technology and is an essential part offered by the company to achieve the long life of the acquired car, which is why, its products increase the confidence of the drivers.