The Japanese companies Atsumi Kogyo and DTHM began with the construction of its plants in the Industrial Park Leon-BajPILBA (IO), located in the municipality of Leon, generating an investment of 17 million dollars.

These companies have plants in Thailand, the United States and Indonesia and is engaged in the production of metal components such as gears, parts of the power-assisted steering, water pumps, valves, turning and machining processes for the automotive.

Atsumi Mexico and DTHM have planned to generate approximately 40 jobs and provided mainly to firms in Guanajuato as dense, NSK-Warner and Samtech.

It is projected that by June of this year, the plants are ready to start with the pilot tests and in August to make the first pieces for their major clients.

Setsuzo Atsumi, president of Atsumi Kogyo, he expressed his confidence with the State and shared the reasons for reaching this region due to the proximity to its main clients and by the industrial growth which has had Guanajuato in the last few years.


Guillermo Romero, Head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Economic Development (SDES), said that in the past six years Japan has been the main investment partner of Guanajuato.

Of the 254 companies that have come to the State, 81 are of Japanese origin and have generated more than 25.000 new jobs in the region.

In the event of placement of the first, Hector Lopez Santillana, Mayor of the Municipality of Leon, said that the relationship with Japan has allowed to increase the talent of Guanajuato and opportunities between the two nations.

"These companies decided to get to the municipality and not only give economic benefits and employment. This represents a change in corporate culture and education in the municipality," he said.

He explained that the investments have helped to improve the practical and technical knowledge of young people to develop new vocations and make available a change of formation for all citizens.

Revealed that of the 82 business projects, more than half are from companies focused on the industry.

In addition, he said that from 2016 to 2017 have obtained investment by more than 1.750 million dollars and more than 23.000 jobs committed.

"Here in Leon we have managed to make a reality of the industrial development, which has prepared us to strengthen the economy," he said.


Finally, he stressed that the arrival of companies to represent opportunities for progress: "We are convinced that the success of the companies is the success of society".