Through a vertical construction style, unique in the Guanajuato Puerto Interior Industrial Park, the company Ashimori Industry de Mexico expanded its facilities with the opening of its second plant, in a surface of more than 30 thousand square meters and an investment of 31 million dollars and the generation of 400 new jobs.


Saburo Seno, president of Ashimori Industry de Mexico, said that this expansion represents a growth similar to three times the current production capability which is of 80 thousand pieces per month in interior parts and 76 thousand pieces per month in safety items.


He announced that they manage 10 production lines in which different are manufactured for customers, such as safety belts, airbags and interiors for the automotive industry.


He highlighted the work from its collaborators, underlining that at the company women have the highest hiring percentage, reaching 60 percent.  “Without your support it would not have been possible, the work of the last five years when we arrived to Guanajuato.”


Chiharu Mizutani, president of Mazda, recognized Ashimori Industry de Mexico as an excellence supplier and underlined that at Mazda suppliers’ awards, an award was granted in 2013 for its work on safety issues.


In this sense, Guillermo Romero Pacheco, secretary of Sustainable Economic Development, thanked the Japanese company, highlighting that if a company expands its facilities on its first years means something is going well.


“A company with the quality of Ashimori, is very important in safety matters certainty, as it generates investors’ confidence and the sureness in an intangible asset,” he detailed.


The company has as main customers Mazda, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota and Subaru.

It records a production capability of 80 thousand pieces per month in interior parts and 76 thousand pieces also in one month in safety pieces.


The firm has presence in Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, India and Mexico.



The Guanajuato Puerto Interior has the regulation of not building above 50 % of the area, therefore Ashimori Industry de Mexico analyzing to build a second plant in vertical aimed to quadruplicate their production space.


“Not all plants can do this, because this plant does not have heavy machinery, of course some in of them the first floor can be settled of heavy machinery and thus the different levels.  It is a novelty and I think many companies will be copying the model,” said Luis Quiroz Echegaray director of GPI.


For example the first stage of this company occupied 20 &, therefore in a second phase they occupied 50 % of the total property of the plant.


Quiroz Echegaray emphasized that this type of construction could encourage more companies to expand by taking advantage in an optimized manner of the space they have, as he added that there are more expansion planned in large companies at the GIP..