For 17 years, Arstar Vanity Tops was born as a subsidiary of Grupo Semex, as a division to manufacture kitchen and bathroom products.

The company was founded in 2002 and manufactures resin-based products, beginning with the manufacturing of sinks for bathrooms manufactured in marble and cultured granite.

“Most of our production is exported to the United States. 95 % of what we manufacture here and in our other two plants goes to that destination, while the remaining 5 % is divided between Canada and Latin America,” said Rafael Escobar, commercial manager of the company.

The company operates on an area of about 30 thousand square meters among the three warehouses it has and has more than 200 employees working on two shifts.

“We have more than 500 products in -color-s and sizes differentiation.  Besides sinks we manufacture here, we also produce cabinets for bathrooms, toilets, bathroom walls, shower bases and in kitchens we produce rotary bases for centerpieces called Lazy Susan,” said Escobar.

Most of the raw material used for its production comes from abroad, as it has to fulfill the high-quality standards to cover products’ specifications which will be commercialized in the United States.

“Our market has grown and our company has been benefited in the last months.  The subject of tariffs was present but in the end, everything went as we expected. We are on an increase in requirements of our products due to Asian products are having a tariffs increase to enter the United States, which has given us a big opportunity area,” he added.

Regarding its production, the manager explained they expect to close 2019 with an increase of about 20 % in manufactured products regarding last year.

“Being in Nuevo Leon has given us a privileged location.  We close to three border points, mainly with the United States, which is at 230 kilometers.  We are also at 480 kilometers of one of the most important ports in Mexico, Altamira, Tamaulipas,” he assured.

Arstar has certifications like IAPMO, requested by the United States to be able to market the bathroom’s products; there is also the certification ISO9001:2015; UPC, to be able to commercialize in the United States; and the National Plumbing Code, from Canada.

“We provide our employees with suitable training at the moment of entering the plant for them to work with us on a time-lapse; it is about something simple, but important, where they learn firsthand the processes and safety measures to manufacture our products,” explained Escobar.

Finally, the manager added that regarding the environmental aspect they always fulfill efforts in recycling matters, as they try to reuse the scrap and other products such as pallets to use them again in the production process.

“About future plans, I can say that our third facilities are inside the project in which this plant could be dedicated to new products, as bathroom walls and other company items.  The workforce here is hard working and we have very capable people and prepared to continue working,” he noted.

Arstar has sales channels as distributors in the United States, public sales stores, online sales, and the most important platforms on-line as Amazon.