The Association of Mexican Industrial Supplying Companies (APIMEX, by its Spanish initials) held the graduation of the third generation of the diploma certificate of World-class Manufacturing, with 46 graduates.

The diploma certificate began in October 2018 and lasted eight months.  There were 30 sessions with a total of 170 hours, in which participants learned profitable processes, business goals, and acquired structuration skills.

Thirteen supplying companies from different industries participated, mainly from leather, chemistry, metal-mechanics, and footwear industry manufacturers.

Students attended the course answer the profile of people involved in the manufacturing process, quality engineers, production engineers, accountants, costs engineers, purchases, and logistics, chief of supply chains and of the entire production process.

This diploma certificate subjects are focused on manufacturing professionalization, tools usage, measurement, and process control, it was held aiming for companies to be more competitive and increase their quality and process efficiency, besides obtaining a positive impact in their products and that, thus, they achieve their customers’ satisfaction and a good position in the industry.

APIMEX offers this program given the level of demand from companies settled in Guanajuato, therefore, continued training has become a need.

The World-class Manufacturing diploma certificate is requested by industries seeking to provide the necessary tools to their collaborators for them to be able to achieve high quality and specialized manufacturing.

For the implementation of this diploma course, APIMEX worked together with the office Stratega Consultores for their experience in the manufacturing industry.  APIMEX Development area for Competitiveness works in different projects to favor its members, aiming to lecture workshops that allow companies managing the quality process and exceptional products.