In order to improve companies through human talent support, the third edition of TREMBA “Transforming Bajio Companies” Forum (“Transformando Empresas del Bajio.”)

This event is organized by the National Chamber of Consulting Companies (CNEC, by its Spanish initials) Guanajuato Delegation, aiming to potentiate the business development of the different economic sectors through the strengthening of human talent with attraction, development, and permanence approaches.

In this forum, more than 200 attendees were able to learn about the tools required for the conservation and encouragement of collaborators from a comprehensive perspective.

Francisco Javier Schwichtenberg Aguado, president of CNEC, said that in this edition they decided to focus on the ways of human talent development manners in order for MSMEs are able to see better results through the encouragement and professionalization of collaborators.

“In other editions, we focused on innovation and infrastructure.  This year we analyze the topical and perform an analysis of strategic lines because 50 % of the GDP produced in Guanajuato is of small and medium companies,” he said.

He emphasized that 70 % of jobs generated in the State are of SMEs, reason why they considered that it is a very important field for consultancy companies could help them implementing a continuous improvement planning through financial services, administrative, legal, of coaching and certified centers.

TREMBA Forum presented two Magna conferences: “the challenge of humanizing organizations, be, do and have” and “More profitable companies through human talent.”

Likewise, two phases were generated of topical workshops in which they presented subjects to build better high-value teams, the art of feedback, innovate in labor productivity, labor climate impact, human capital skills, and the importance of financial education, among others.

“The entire topic of the forum was focused on SMEs companies are able to improve their strategies for personnel attraction, their development and introduction to methodologies for its permanence,” he explained.

Schwichtenberg Aguado noted that before the boom on investments in the Bajio Area, the Chamber has the mission of reinforcing the knowledge of the existing local companies and help them to grow before a competitive industry.